anonymous asked: What is Liam's max stealth score, assuming nat 20 at 20th level?

At his current level of 13, Vax’s Nat20 Stealth check is 35 without any buffs (20 Natural + 5 Dex + 5 Proficiency + 5 Expertise).

Once Vax hits level 17, his proficiency bonus will cap out at 6. Assuming he doesn’t gain any items that increase his Dex above 20 by then (like Percy’s Manual of Quickness of Action), we can expect Liam to tell us that he rolled a 37 (20 Natural + 5 Dex + 6 Proficiency + 6 Expertise).

Add Pass Without Trace, and that becomes 47.

Stack Hide in Plain Sight on top of all of that, and we get 57.