The Monetary Cost of Craven Edge

anonymous asks: What is the total estimated price of Grog's sword?

According to the DMG (p128), it costs approximately 500,000 gp and 20,000 days for a single arcane master (level 17th or higher) to create a Legendary Item. The days required can be reduced by having multiple arcane masters enchant the item at once. However, a sentient weapon may cost more in both time and resources, depending on what attributes and features your DM settles on. For Craven Edge, best case scenario would be that its creation required 500k gp.

However, you don’t just sell Legendary Items. Even more, you do not sell legendary weapons that have gained sentience. Even more than THAT, in a polite society with other arcane masters to analyze the very expensive wares you have to sell, you do not sell legendary sentient weapons that have an evil bent, much less for the cost of creation.

So, to recap, Craven Edge cost SOMEONE 500k gp and 20k days of man power to make, presumably a very long time ago. The most that Vox Machina could profit off of Craven Edge would be in continued use to seize loot by force, melting it down for useful scrap, or finding a very shady buyer (which the Clasp could probably arrange).