Vax's Cloaks

anonymous asks: I where just wondering if there is somewhere stated how many cloaks Vax has on his person.

We can provide that list! We’ll even throw in the cloak he used to wear:

  • Cloak of Elvenkind (equipped by Vex’ahlia) Donning the hood forces disadvantage on checks by those attempting to perceive the wearer, while that individual gains advantage on their stealth checks. We saw this in frequent use in the Underdark. Vax handed it off to his sister in Ep33 (p1, 0:45:48) once his Reliable Talent ability guaranteed he couldn’t roll below a 23 anyway.
  • Cape of the Mountebank (stowed away vanished) This bright red cape allows the wearer to cast Dimension Door once per day, leaving an obscuring cloud of brimstone in both locations for the round. Very Kurt Wagner. Seen in use in Ep34 (1:19:29).
    • Update: Vax’ildan used this cape to close the rift between the prime material plane and the elemental plane of fire in Episode 46 (3:06:53).  The cape vanished in the process.
  • Cloak of Displacement (currently equipped) This item was taken from the late Lady Briarwood. Attacks against the wearer are made with disadvantage as the cloak generates an illusion intended to confuse where the wearer is actually standing. A successful hit halts the cloak’s ability until it is able to reset at the start of the wearer’s next turn.

So, three two cloaks total, two one on his person. Two. Vast wardrobe of two.