anonymous asks: Are there stats or a graph depicting the average fight times? Some battles are pretty quick. Some drag forever! I wonder what the stats are for in-game time (each round being 6 seconds) and real-life time.

Table complete! We’ll continue to update all tabs on this table (Running TimesCombat Times, and Attendance), but for the sake of this post, we’ll answer based on the first 37 episodes (Vox Machina only, no Vox Moronica).

Of 107:23:44 total of gameplay, 37:11:46 is spent in combat. That is 34.63% of gameplay dedicated to combat, just over a third.

In game, Vox Machina participated in 311 rounds of combat (0:35:18). Each encounter lasted approximately 5.46 rounds, or 37 seconds.

There were 57 unique encounters in our calculations, averaging 1.54 encounters per episode.