What If? Kevdak Edition

Anonymous asked: If Kevdak didn't have damage resistance from his totem, which attack would have killed him? Would Grog still have gotten the killing blow, and if not, how would the fight have likely progressed from there?

Supposing that Kevdak- with his 310 HP- was a Path of the Berserker barbarian and not a Path of the Totem (Bear) barbarian, he would have taken full damage from any hits that did not deal bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage.  So, Vex’ahlia’s Longbow of the Sky Sentinel attacks would deal full lightning damage, Pike’s Spiritual Weapon attacks would deal full force damage, Scanlan’s Fireballs would deal full fire damage, and Keyleth’s Firestorm would deal full fire damage. 

Counting the damage that Grog dealt to Kevdak in Episode 51, Pike would have gotten the killing blow on Kevdak at 1:25:02. 

Just for fun, let’s suppose that Kevdak didn’t have damage resistance at all.  Vex’ahlia would have gotten the killing blow on Kevdak at 0:57:59.

Terrifyingly, Matt has said that the Herd of Storms would have absolutely not stopped fighting had anyone other than Grog gotten the killing blow on Kevdak.