Who Are You?

anonymous asks: Are you one person, a collective of people, or two gnomes standing on each others shoulders wearing long coat?

Guys, I think they’re onto us…

There are three of us at the core.

@trenchantwit manages the site, answers the DM-sided questions, and runs the Twitter account. If you’re asking CritRoleStats a question, he’s probably the person you’re talking to. He also started the site, so, you know. Props and stuff. (He’s also super humble.)

@thesingingbadger is the other main poster to the site, coordinating with volunteers, and accumulating data for the lists we put out. TSB wanted to make a whole bunch of references throughout this post, but is attempting to show restraint.

@kathatherine is the stealthy one, doing mostly behind-the-scenes tasks, working on character proficiencies, and converting recorded rolls to the natural values. Kathatherine is like a patient Vax; she stealths along until she’s ready and suddenly-wham! She sneak attacks you with massive, awesome posts like this.

And, of course, there is everyone else who helps us with various stats, from watching for stats through old episodes, working through character sheets, and logging rolls. Notable contributors include:

There’s a lot more, too, who are all awesome. Y’all are awesome.