Hag Deals

anonymous asks: Do you know what was the hag's trade with VM before stream/on stream? I know that she(?) gave something to Vax, but not what he did to return the favor.

Vox Machina has made deals with two hags.

The first was pre-stream. The Story of Vox Machina background video (0:08:22) speaks of the deal that Tiberius made with Trysta for his mending wheel. In Episode 20 (0:18:13), Trysta’s sister (who we’ll get to in a second) mentions that she can see the part of Tiberius that is still missing, and Tiberius responds that he, “still [doesn’t] know what that means.”  The rest of the party also bartered with Trysta to escape the island they were trapped on.  Here’s the transcript, provided by Matt to Critical Role Transcriptions:

Barely escaping, they eventually discover the base remnants of an ancient town, long toppled… and a small hut that contains a clever Hag named Trysta. Tiberius finds one of his prized artifacts, and makes a dangerous deal to acquire it.  The party barters for information on how to escape, which Trysta will give… in exchange for their aid in slaying a newly nested denizen that threatens her… work.

The party agrees, climbing to the very top of the Crystalfen Cavern to do battle with an Umberhulk!  The fight goes south when Grog is tossed from the cavern ceiling, nearly dying upon impact with the island… but victory is eventually theirs!  Returning, Trysta shows them a hidden staircase that exits into the Graveyard District of Emon.

The second deal took place during the Trial of the Take Part 3 episode. Vax, Tiberius, and Keyleth happen upon the tent of Forsythia, Trysta’s sister. There, after Tiberius purchases two Potions of Greater Healing and a vial of caustic liquid, Vax trades “a favor” for a vial of strong poison. He used that poison in an attack on Delilah Briarwood in Episode 34 (2:58:57), which allowed him to deal an additional 6d6 of poison damage.