Conversations with Jarett

anonymous asks: How many times have the VoxMachina talked to or had a conversation with Jarret?

Not enough times, that’s how many!  Also:

26 Consequences and Cows
(2:09:30) Jarett agrees to watch Desmond

27 The Path to Whitestone
(1:05:34) Jarett needs a pay increase
(2:37:05) Jarett agrees to watch Desmond again

37 A Musician’s Nostalgia
(0:38:28) Jarett kept an eye on Desmond

38 Echoes of the Past
(1:56:18) A wordless agreement to watch Dranzel’s troupe

39 Omens
(2:27:43) Vox Machina returns to Greyskull

40 Desperate Measures
(1:20:22) Jarett finds out about the dragons

41 In Ruins
(0:42:00) Jarett refuses extra money, and Vex resists the urge to, as she says, “mug down on him.”

42 Dangerous Dealings
(3:12:26) The last conversation with Jarett before relocating to Whitestone.