Dragon Sizes

anonymous asks: What is the order of the sizes (biggest to smallest) of the Chroma Conclave?

The only one we’re certain about is Thordak, who we’re told is much larger than the rest of the Conclave (Colossal!). The rest, we presume they’re all roughly the same size, but we can speculate on who’s bigger based on the challenge rating of each color dragon. So, if we had to guess order, we’d go:

  1. Thordak (Colossal Red)
  2. Raishan (Gargantuan Green)
  3. Umbrasyl (Gargantuan Black)
  4. Vorugal (Gargantuan White)

Update: Now that all four dragons have been fought (and Raishan's curse has been factored in), here is their sizes as presented:

  1. Thordak (Colossal Red)
  2. Umbrasyl (Gargantuan Black)
  3. Vorugal (Gargantuan White)
  4. Raishan (Gargantuan Green)