Experience Points

Anonymous asked: Hey! I know it's not necessarily Crit Role related, but in one of the episodes Matt was so impressed with Scanlan that he gave him extra XP for it. In one of the DM Tips and Tricks videos, or maybe one of the periscope videos, he mentioned that he has a specific equation for calculating RP experience points for his characters and that he would put it on twitter. Do you guys know if he ever did? Or what that equation might be?

He did tweet it! For each time a character has a moment that either drives the story forward or beats a skill challenge, Matt records a mark for that character. At the end of the session, their RP experience is calculated this way

Experience = PC’s Level * 15 * Number of marks

Update: Although Matt did state in Ep12 that he used 25 as the constant, he confirmed that he changed the formula to use 15 when he realized that dealt out more than he felt was necessary. Thanks, Matt!