False Promises

anonymous asks: How many false promises were made by Vox Machina? I.e. on the way to the mines, while carrying the cask of wine, Vex promised several dwarves bottles of that wine... but didn't return with any.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep…unless it gets you extra gold from Highbearer Vord!

01 Arrival at Kraghammer

  • (1:49:04) Vox Machina promised to give guards a bottle of wine
  • (1:56:47) Vox Machina promised Magrim, the servant at Greyspine Manor, a bottle of wine

06 Breaching the Emberhold

  • (2:36:40) Vox Machina promised to find Kima’s equipment

16 Enter Vasselheim

  • (1:14:34) Scanlan and Vex’ahlia promised that they would do charitable works in Emon with gold from Highbearer Vord (though @milvusrae points out that, even though it took a dragon attack to do it, they did eventually provide charity to the “fugees.”)

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (0:56:56) Scanlan promised to write a song about Dagon and his adventure to the Cliffkeep Mountains
  • (1:00:07) Scanlan promised to write a song about Lyra and Aldor

22 AraMente to Pyrah

  • (1:46:14) Vex’ahlia promised to be on the lookout for “key things in the landscape” and to bring back notes for Tyriok’s map

38 Echoes of the Past

  • (1:14:40) Vox Machina promised to share the money they found on their trip in General Krieg’s house with Dr. Dranzel’s troupe