Gun Attack Rolls

Anonymous asked: When using the pepperbox or Bad News, what dice + modifier combo does Taliesin use to determine damage? And the base attack roll is d20+Dex, with the additional modifiers that Sharpshooter etc has, correct? Thanks for any info you can give :) You do a great job keeping up with all the info <3

Correct, gun-based attacks use Percy’s Dex mod. @acommonrose points out that Percy gets an extra +2 to his ranged attack rolls thanks to the fighter’s Fighting Style specialty. With a +6 Dex mod, +2 range modifier, and a +5 proficiency, that puts Percy at +13 to hit with guns!

As far as damage, Percy has a +6 damage modifier. If he successfully uses the Sharpshooter feat, he gains an additional 10 points of damage. Add the Violent Shot on top of that, and assuming the weapon doesn’t misfire, the damage will be ridiculous.

From the (older) Dropbox document, here are the properties of each firearm:

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