How can Grog take half piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage?

anonymous asks: For some reason I'm unable to view the character sheet information. What makes it so that Grog takes half damage from piercing, slashing, and blunt weapon damage?

Hmm… We’ll look into it. The sheets are due for an update from us, anyway, but if you’re able to view Dropbox files, you should be able to see what we have.

Anyway, your question! It’s actually one of the benefits of the barbarian class. According to the PHB (48), rage grants the following benefits:

  • Advantage on STR checks and STR saving throws
  • Bonus damage to melee STR attack rolls (determined by barbarian level)
  • Resistance to piercing, bludgeoning, or slashing damage.

Additionally, although Grog took Path of the Berserker (which is great for dealing all the damage), you might also consider The Path of the Totem. At third level, a Totem of the Bear warrior has resistance to ALL damage during their rage, except psychic damage. (Intelligence damage is never good for barbarians, no matter what your path is.)