Keyleth's Wind Walk Spell Speed

steampirate0925 asks: For future reference, Keyleth's most travel thing lets them travel 34 miles in 8 hours. (Because it's 300 ft per round at six seconds per round). Correct me if I'm wrong

There are 28,800 seconds in eight hours. Divided by six, that’s 4800 rounds. 300 feet times 4800 rounds equals 1,440,000 feet. There are 5,280 feet in a mile. So, 1440000/5280 = 272.7273 miles.

However, they would be able to go 34 miles in one hour using Wind Walk. This, entirely by coincidence, is about the top speed of a brown bear.

Update: Ronin.46 points out that the only action one can take is DASH, meaning speed is doubled each round. With the increased speed of 300 ft, this is then doubled to 600 ft. per round. This means that actually, one can travel 545.454 miles in the span of 8 hours.