Muffling Armor/Weapons

greywarden-of-the-north Asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could remember how much Gilmore charged Pike to get her armour enchanted with a silence/muffle sort of enchantment? I have a Gunslinger in my party who wants to do a similiar sort of thing with their weapon, and I was going to use this as something to base it off of.

In Episode 14, Sherri and Gilmore told Pike that, while they couldn’t enchant the armor she already had, she could get a custom commission (2:59:25).  That’s because the enchantment would need to be so strong that it could be the only enchantment that the armor had.  It would take a month to enchant, and would cost around 8000 gold.

Specifically, Gilmore said that it would allow her to move freely in the armor, though he didn’t say it would silence her movement.  That sounds like the armor would likely no longer give her disadvantage on dexterity/stealth checks because it wasn’t as stiff/physically difficult to move in, not because it was quieter.  So, this may not be the best jumping off point for a silencer/muffler spell for your Gunslinger.  Good luck!