Permanently Turning into a Dragon

anonymous asks: Hey! I've had this questiom since the group rescued Gilmore, and asked if he was a dragon. Is there any way that someone can be a dragon permanently without being born as one of them? PS: You guys rock!

I mean… Theoretically, the Wish spell can do just about anything. Outside of tampering with the fabric of reality, though, a human (or humanoid) will always be a human(oid), with the same relatively short lifespan and no real means of permanently turning into a dragon (though True Polymorph can transform an epic level wizard into an Adult Dragon for an hour.). Similarly, dragons can shapeshift into humanoids for many years, but eventually they must return to their true forms.

UPDATE: Upon further reading the spell, True Polymorph’s effect stays in place until it is dispelled once the caster holds it for the full hour. karaziox on Twitter points out that a level 20 wizard could theoretically transform into an ancient-sized Brass or White dragon indefinitely, for as long as the spell is neither dispelled nor the form is reduced to 0 HP. So, to reanswer the question: Not permanently, but for a very, very long time, yes!