Scanlan's Most Powerful Limericks

anonymous asks: Can anyone list the all of the powerful limericks from Scanlan the king slayer? Time stamps or written out is fine.

Funny you should mention that. We made a page for ALL limericks that made their way onto the show, but totally forgot to publicize it. We’ve posted Scanlan’s limericks below the break, but be sure to check out our new Limericks page, updated when new limericks are available!

  • 37 (0:48:33) Inspiring Pike with a limerick
    There once was a gnome from Emon
    Who sang a scandalous song
    The ladies would swoon,
    At his rather large tune
    And say, “My, it’s impossibly long!”
  • Ep37 (3:14:06) Inspiring Vax with a limerick
    I knew a goliath in Whitestone,
    Who lived in a very, very fine home.
    ‘Til one day a wizard,
    Or maybe a large lizard,
    Burned it and left him alone.
  • Ep38 (2:07:45) Inspiring Pike with a limerick
    There once was a gnome with a mace
    Who had an adorable face!
    She never would bed me,
    But, I hope she won’t forget me
    ‘Cause, oh, how I do love the chase!
  • Ep39 (0:23:27) Inspiring Vex with a limerick about Trinket
    I once knew a bear named Trinket,
    And would often tell you, “He stink-it!”
    But you were appalled,
    So you kicked me in the balls,
    And now I don’t say it, I just think it!
  • Ep42 (0:50:10) Inspiring Keyleth with a limerick
    I know an air-headed young druid
    Whose plans are more gassy than fluid.
    When the battle starts,
    She turns her pals into farts,
    They see danger and pass right through it!