Time Since Kraghammer

anonymous asks: How many days has it been since they left Kraghammer? I ask because wasn't there supposed to be some evil force that was going to come out of the mines behind them at some point? I thought they were gonna warn the people there. Did they ever do that?

According to our Time Passed log, as of Episode 48, it has been 78 days since the party left Kraghammer to enter the Underdark.

There were a number of things that the party could be concerned about. For one, Nagas tend to revive after a set number of days, but (fortunately) K’Varn’s experiments seemed to have prevented this from taking effect.

A legitimate threat to be wary of may be the eventual rising of the Mind Flayers. While Illithid tend to prefer the safety of the Underdark and have much to rebuild after the damage done by both K’Varn and Vox Machina, an attack wouldn’t be entirely out of the question. To answer your question, no, Vox Machina warned the Council of Tal’Dorei, but we do not believe this information was ever conveyed to the residents of Kraghammer.