Vex's Alignment Change

anonymous asks: Why did Vex's alignment change? You mentioned it shifted from NG to CN.

Alignment itself isn’t a hard-and-fast indicator of what a character is, but is rather an approximation of what they may choose to do. Evil characters can still do occasional good actions and still remain evil; the reverse is also true. If a character continues to act in a way that does not match their current alignment or commits an action strong enough to demonstrate a change, the DM may decide to reclassify that character. Although alignment change falls under the purview of “actions have consequences,” it should be noted that it isn’t meant to be used as a punishment.

In Vex’s case, her motivations seem to have gradually shifted from one of selflessness with a passing respect for both structured law and “the law of the jungle,” to one of a character who is a little more open to self-beneficial options (albeit not necessarily at the expense of others). We also watched Tiberius’s alignment change between episodes 25 and 26. In this case, a single strong action set him on the path closer to that of his chromatic heritage from that of the ideals of one seeking to be ethically Good. (We think he transitioned from CG to CN.)