Welcome to the New CritRoleStats!

Welcome to the new site! Thanks for your patience as we got stuff sorted out this week. As you can see, we've got a new layout, new host, and new bunches of stuff. We hope this will make things easier to find, and anticipate loading times to be significantly improved.

So, what does this mean for Tumblr? As of this post, there are over 8000 of you following us over there. Rest assured, we will be forwarding articles, so you can still check your Tumblr feed for when new content is available. We had to delete "Asks" to make the transition, but have no fear, they made their way from our Tumblr archive to our archive on the new site. We'll also continue to check the Tumblr Ask box for requests, but we encourage you to use our new email form.

With the new site comes new costs to us. While we're more than happy to accept them and will never charge for the information we provide, we would certainly appreciate any monetary assistance in keeping the site running. If you are able to, a small donation to our Ko-Fi or Paypal can go a long way. If you're not able to, that's okay! We appreciate you anyway!

Thank you for your support, critters, and enjoy the new site!