noun  sig·il  \ˈsi-jil\
: seal, signet
: a sign, word, or device held to have occult power in astrology or magic

noun  sig·gal  \ˈsi-gahl\
: (archaic) a word used by Matthew Mercer to describe a sigil
: a word used by the cast of Critical Role (mostly Sam) to make fun of the DM’s former pronunciation of the word ‘sigil’
: Updated as of Episode 36.

02 Into the Greyspine Mines (kathatherine, rusty-diamond)

  • (0:41:51) “There are a series of stone siggals carved into the stonework…”
  • (0:43:54) “As soon as you cross the threshold where the stone siggals are…”
  • (0:47:30) “…within the boundary of those arcane siggals.”
  • (0:47:40) “You walk up to where the siggal is…”
  • (0:49:18) “He walks right to the edge of the siggal.”

04 Attack on the Duergar Warcamp (burdenedwithnopurpose, thesingingbadger)

  • (0:22:33) “…a protective siggal of Bahamut.”

11 The Temple Showdown (rusty-diamond, thesingingbadger)

  • (3:34:14) “The arcane sigils that you’ve seen appear on both hands light up.”

13 Escape From the Underdark (dragonmustang01, rusty-diamond)

  • (2:06:40) As Tiberius casts Circle of Teleportation, “the siggals and the runes” begin to light up.
  • (2:07:04) “You finish the incantation, you place your hand down on the center of the siggal…”
  • (2:07:17) “…doorway opens above the circle, siggal that he crafted on the side of the beach.”

18 Trial of the Take Part 1 (trenchantwit, thesingingbadger)

  • (0:41:22) “You can see that there are these arcane siggals on the contract itself.”

19 Trial of the Take Part 2 (thesingingbadger)

  • (3:43:04) “You can see that the arcane siggals that were built into [the contact] are currently faded.”

21 Trial of the Take Part 4 (kathatherine)

  • (2:23:50) “You notice there are some siggals in the wall.”
  • (2:25:58) “As you’re passing through the two siggals…”
  • (2:26:01) “And there’s a flash, FTHH, from the two siggals.”
  • (2:26:52) “There’s something about these siggals that is cancelling magic.”
  • (3:53:41) “You notice the contract, the siggals that currently lock it…”

23 The Rematch (SinkingMyShips, thesingingbadger)

  • (2:32:22) “… Tiberius has finished drawing a large sigil (I fixed my pronunciation, so thank you).” Conversation commences as Sam states his fondness for siggal and Matt explains the origins of the mispronunciation.
  • (2:34:27) “…that is beginning to pulse with energy, a familiar siggal…” The cast corrects him.
  • (2:35:10) “All right. The siggal– SIGIL.”

24 The Feast (dragonmustang01)

  • (2:00:37) “At which point, the teleportation siggal…” (Correctly pronounced the rest of the episode before this instance.)

26 Cows and Consequences (Tux3d0_mask)

  • (1:08:35) “There were remnants within the rubble of some sort of siggal of teleportation.” Sam and Orion have some fun with it.

27 The Path to Whitestone (dragonmustang01)

  • (2:46:58) “You technically have the teleportation siggal– SIGIL.”

28 The Sun Tree (thesingingbadger)

  • (1:24:45) Sam: “A slope. A ramp. A siggal.” The party immediately offers the gnome in sacrifice.

30 Stoke the Flames (thesingingbadger)

  • (1:29:25) Laura: “SIGG– SIGIL.” “…I hate both of you.”

32 Against the Tide of Bone (thesingingbadger)

  • (2:54:30) Scanlan makes fun of the DM to his own detriment. Mercer prepares to be giffed.