Quick Answers 50

This is our fiftieth Quick Answers post! We appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity, Critters. Don't forget to check out our FAQ, Running Stats, Rankings, and Character Sheets. If you have other questions, you can use our new Contact form or Tumblr Ask.

Can you tell Matt and the cast that the numbers they said are wrong, so they can fix them?

We could, but we also prefer to lead by example and observe & record without interference. While they can throw our numbers off from time to time and have a drastic impact on the story, mistakes are part of the game, and the story goes the direction it goes. If the players want to contest or fix those, we’ll leave it up to them to do so. It’s their game and their story.

Well, can you at least publicly confirm said mistakes with us, so we can tell them to fix them?

See above about leading by example. We’re not going to publicize their mistakes. Think about how it would make you feel to have a stranger reprimand you for not using a particular character ability after your D&D game. Even if they meant it to be helpful, it comes across as invasive and nitpicky. When in doubt, err on the side of empathy and kindness!

Do you almighty stat Gods know when the Critical Role campaign book comes out?

It’ll make its grand debut at GenCon, August 17th-20th!

Do you have any plans for NPC rankings like you do for Vox Machina and guests?

It’s much harder to rank NPCs, since their appearances are much more sporadic compared to that of the cast. Additionally, since tracking NPCs is essentially tracking the DM (who rolls many things in private, as is his right), it would be pretty difficult for us to keep it accurate. Sorry!

What fighting style did Grog pick up?

Our best guess is Great Weapon Fighting. He hasn’t boosted his AC, didn’t get a bonus when he threw the Dwarven Thrower, hasn’t wielded the DT one-handed, hasn’t imposed disadvantage on an enemy when they were within five feet and attacking an ally, and hasn’t fought with two weapons. Alas, that it was ruled in Episode 88 that he could no longer use Great Weapon Master on the DT, so we won’t get to see if he really took Great Weapon Fighting or not.

Does Scanlan still have one of the earrings?

Sam made no mention of removing it, so he should.

How do you pronounce “archipelago?”

Matt said it right.

How many sponsors has Critical Role “lost”?

  • (Ep60, 1:05:27) Verizon, AT&T
  • (Ep62, 2:22:10) IHOP
  • (Ep87, 0:01:47) Bennigan’s, Shake Shack, Outback, PF Chang’s
  • (Ep87, 2:54:20) Hallmark

In Grog's 2nd fight with Kern, which move that Grog did would hurt a regular human being the most?

Uh… They’re all pretty brutal. I imagine more than one of those could kill someone.

Do y'all plan on tracking the Wednesday Club as well?

We don’t- keeping up with Critical Role is a job all by itself! However, we really enjoyed the first episodes and would encourage everyone to watch it on G&S Twitch/Alpha, Noon-2pm PT.

Is there any way you can limit the spoilers on your site, especially for those of us who are more than 10 episodes behind?

We try our best to provide information on what happens on the show as soon as we can get it out. If you’re visiting our site, you are probably actively spoiling yourself for something, and assume the risk of learning all things you do or don’t want to learn.