Gil References

Talks Machina 15 (0:38:32)

Brian: Should we have-- oh, I hate to do this to them, should we have CritRoleStats keep track of how many times Gil f***s someone or not?
Travis: Sure, yeah!
Matt: This is true; they don’t have enough to keep track of! Just throw more on the pile! I’m so sorry guys, I’m so sorry.
Brian: Andrew just threw a beer at the screen.
Gil: They’re five people, right?

Four, to be precise. Luckily, we have the most awesome volunteers in the world who stepped up to help us out! Updated to Episode 90.

For any critters who don’t know, Gil Ramirez is a blacksmith, critter, and all-around delightful person who forged dice for the Critical Role cast. You should go check out his work here.

Thanks to Alexandra, @ChrisVLinden, clefos, @dutchcritter, @EBalensuela, @fancynancypie, icecream-s-coops, @InvictusRob, @JacobSBrowning, @jgraveart, @Ju_Draakje, @_miss_maria_, mthwiz, @omrjeuss, Rosie-Lostbetweenthepages, @RowenaHighland1, soaringsparrows, Supertoasty, themeaningofnight, and zahra-hana for their work compiling this list!

  • Times Gil’s Dice Helped: 25
  • Times Gil’s Dice Hurt: 9


68 Cloak and Dagger

  • (0:59:23) Liam: Don’t f*** me, Gil.
    • Vax’ildan, Strength Save Success

  • (0:59:25) Marisha: G********t, Gil.
    • Keyleth, Strength Save Success

  • (1:50:59) Marisha: Gil, don’t fail me.
    • Keyleth, Dexterity Save Failure

  • (1:51:06) Travis: Gil, this is your f***ing dice.
    • Grog, Dexterity Save Success (Nat20)

  • (3:50:32) Travis: All right, Gil.
    • Grog, Attack Success

  • (4:22:39) Marisha: G*******, Gil, you better not f*** me.
    • Keyleth, Attack Success

72 The Elephant in the Room

  • (2:24:32) Marisha: Don't f*** me, Gil. [...] G********, Gil.
    • Keyleth, Dexterity Save Failure

74 Path of Brass

  • (2:58:16) Marisha: It’s the Gil dice.
    • Keyleth, Insight Check Failure

77 Clash at Daxio

  • (1:56:05) Marisha: Dammit, Gil!
    • Percy, Strength Check Failure

  • (2:17:44) Laura: Yeah Gil!
    • Scanlan, Constitution Save Success (Nat20)

  • (3:06:12) Marisha: Gil... Don't f*** me Gil...Gil g******* Gil.
    • Keyleth, Nature Check Success

  • (3:06:24) Liam: Dammit, Gil.  Marisha: Dammit, Gil.  Taliesin: Dammit, Gil.  Ashley: Dammit, Gil.

79 Thordak

  • (1:48:36) Marisha: Gil. Don't f*** me Gil!
    • Keyleth, Constitution Save Success

  • (2:01:14) Travis: Come on Gil.
    • Grog, Dexterity Save Failure

82 Deadly Echoes

  • (1:54:08) Marisha: Don’t f*** me, Gil! Ooh! Thanks, Gil!
    • Keyleth, Perception Check Success

83 The Deceiver’s Stand

  • (3:46:08) Marisha: Natural 20! It’s true: It was Gil dice! It was Gil’s dice!
    • Keyleth, Perception Check Success (Nat20)

84 Loose Ends

  • (1:03:26) Travis: C’mon Gil! That’s a three… no, that’s a one.
    • Grog, Intelligence Check Failure

87 Onward to Vesrah

  • (0:18:42) Travis: C’mon, Gil! Three.
    • Grog, Perception Check Failure

  • (0:36:32) Marisha: Don’t f*** me Gil.
    • Keyleth, Perception Check Success

88 Tangled Depths

  • (2:08:25) Travis: Don’t f*** me, Gil.
    • Grog, Stealth Check Success

  • (2:13:26) Marisha: Don’t f*** me, Gil.
    • Keyleth, Perception Check Success

  • (2:17:53) Travis: C’mon, Gil!
    • Grog, Stealth Check Success

  • (2:18:03) Liam: Good job, Gil.
  • (2:18:04) Marisha: Thanks, Gil!
    • Keyleth, Stealth Check Success

  • (3:40:59) Marisha: Gil, Gil bought us Kraken. Blame Gil. Don’t f*** me, Gil!
  • (4:11:59) Marisha: Don’t f*** me, Gil!
    • Keyleth, Dexterity save Failure

  • (4:33:50) Marisha: "Don't f*** me, Gil!"
    • Keyleth, Wisdom Check Success

89 Curious Tides

  • (2:19:08) Marisha: Don’t f*** me, Gil.
    • Keyleth, Perception Check Success

  • (2:19:10) Travis: Oh, we goin’ Gil? Yeah, don’t f*** me, Gil.
    • Grog, Perception Check Success

  • (2:19:15) Sam: You gotta try Gil. [...] Roll Gil. [...] I’m negating it. Roll Gil. [...] Your friends all rolled with Gil.
    • Percy, Perception Check Failure

  • (2:19:41) Marisha: Rollin’ with Gil.
    • Keyleth, Perception Check Success

  • (2:19:43) Taliesin: Gil has his moments.
  • (2:50:57) Travis: That’s a Natural 20!  Marisha: Yay Gil!
    • Grog, Insight Check Success (Nat20)

  • (3:15:25) Laura: Don’ f*** me, Gil!
    • Vex’ahlia, Wisdom Save Success

90 Voice of the Tempest

  • (0:58:00) Taliesin: I am trusting on Gil because he also can’t make a pot.  Travis: Say the incantation!  Marisha: Don’t f*** us Giiiiiiil!  Taliesin: Mecha lecha hi, don’t f*** me, Gil.  Marisha: Where are those pottery tools, Gil?
    • Percy, Dexterity Check Success

  • (3:20:08) Marisha: G*******, don’t f*** me, Gil.
    • Keyleth, Insight Check Success

  • (3:20:09) Laura: Oh, I rolled Gil, too!
    • Vex’ahlia, Insight Check Success