Puns of Episode 91: Vox Machina Go to Hell

(0:36:29) Taliesin: They’ll like that. Apparently, puns are very big down there. It is Hell.

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: We did a Hamilton workout yesterday. Oh man, it was so cool.  Matt: Yeah, four sets of core-sets.
  • (0:23:36) Vex: Well, we know the city that we want to go to.  Keyleth: I can get us somewhere within the City of Dis.  Vex: Dis City?  Marisha: Built Dis City!
  • (0:36:20) Marisha: And this [rakshasa] tends to come in and out and make people’s lives a living hell. Oh! Hell! Because, we’re going!
  • (0:47:05) Taliesin: I speak Disco, not Infernal.
  • (0:48:36) Travis: Yep, you get to suck. (as a succubus with none of their spells or languages)
  • (1:13:54) Laura: Let’s build Dis City! 
  • (1:14:06) Laura: *singing* Let’s go to Dis City!  Marisha and Laura: We built Dis City on rock…!
  • (1:45:27) Percy: Dis would be second. Liam: Dis is two. What level Dis?
  • (1:45:52) Grog: I am the Grand Poobah Da Doink of all Dis and Dat, so.  Laura: That’s true!  Marisha: Yeah, Dis is in your title!
  • (2:52:24) Percy: There’s certainly spirits in it. Soul and spirits!
  • (2:56:02) Liam: Ho-dis. (New phone, who dis?)
  • (3:13:26) Vax: … instead of, on a lark-in, sending down the brute to talk?
  • (3:55:03) Marisha: F***ing hell. Taliesin: F***ing Hell is right.