The State of the Contract

Thanks to @Takayuuki_art for this art piece!

With Utugash and Hotis destroyed, many have wondered at the state of Percy’s contract with Ipkesh. The tenets of Pact 1 are:

  • Ipkesh provides Percy and his companions with a guide to get them to Utugash
  • Percy and his companions kill Utugash without Ipkesh being implicated
  • Ipkesh ensures that Percy and his companions are escorted unharmed and unspoiled to the Bastion of Flesh
  • Ipkesh ensures that Percy and his companions’ equipment is returned to them
  • Ipkesh provides information to lead Percy and his companions to Hotis.

Has Percy held up his end of the contract?

As far as we know, yes.

Utugash was killed by Percy and his companions. “But, Stats, Tova got the killing blow!” Yes, and Tova was one of his companions at the time. The contract does not specify who had to get the final blow on the pit fiend, or that the companion had to be present at the time of the contact’s signing. Further, Ipkesh confirmed that Percy’s soul was fine should someone else finish Utugash off.

Percy and his companions also had to ensure that Ipkesh was not implicated in Utugash’s death. Judging from Ipkesh’s presence in the crowd as Vox Machina was marched down the street, no one seems the wiser that he had anything to do with it. Time will tell, however, if the Whispers put two and two together that the folks who have been seen walking around the City of Dis, in and out of Ipkesh’s tavern, were also the same ones arrested for Utugash’s murder. The stipulated time period of the contract’s validity is “eternity,” though it’s not specified if that includes the time before the contract was signed (since that technically qualifies as part of eternity).

Has Ipkesh held up his end of the contract?

Yes and no.

Ipkesh provided Vox Machina with Vasa, his imp, who led them through the streets to get to Utugash. He even provided them with a Silence spell scroll, which wasn’t required of him (and Vox Machina didn’t end up using).

Ipkesh’s barbed devil got Vox Machina back all of their equipment and provided them with directions for getting to Hotis once they were imprisoned, though craftily did nothing to help their manacled state. They were technically unharmed and unspoiled.

And that is where things get tricky for Ipkesh. Doty was ripped to shreds not by Utugash, but by the guards within Ipkesh’s employ. Prior to being ripped apart, Doty could have been Revivified, according to the rules of the Artificer. Within that first minute after Doty went unconscious, there was still something that could have been done to reanimate the construct. Ipkesh’s guards’ destruction harmed enough and took long enough that Doty would require a workshop for repair. Beyond that, Doty wasn’t brought to the Bastion of Flesh at all, and one of the tenets of the contract was that Percy and his companions (and all of their equipment) would all be brought there. It remains to be seen whether Percy or Vox Machina will push this point, or how receptive Ipkesh will be to this argument.