Media References and Puns of Episode 94: Jugs and Rods

Fun Fact: This was the seventh time that "Turn Down for What" was referenced on Critical Role.


  • (0:34:46) Keyleth: And Vax, over here, is a great wingman. Get it?
  • (0:35:17) Grog: Let’s roll the dice (...) and see where they fall.
  • (0:57:30) Taryon: My rod can become anything, you understand.  Grog: So can mine, baby!
  • (0:58:10) Taryon: The jug for the rod. Jugs and rods!
  • (3:04:06) Matt: ...soft bear barrier. A bearrier, if you will.

Media References

  • (0:10:40) Sam: Did you say Don Pardo?
  • (0:12:21) Laura: I have an announcement. I met Sara Bareilles this weekend.
  • (0:13:17) Liam: She strictly plays Shadowrun.
  • (0:20:15) Matt: ...and that slight, Terminator-like slow-rise from a crouched position. [...] Laura: And we’re all naked!  Taliesin: Where’s John Connor?
  • (0:48:56) Marisha: A Newsie runs by.
  • (0:53:14) Liam: Turn down for what?!
  • (0:55:15) Matt: She boops you on the nose and turns around and walks towards the kitchen. (Overwatch)
  • (2:06:50) Keyleth: Boop! I stole that from whatsherface earlier!
  • (2:18:17) Marisha and Matt: *singing* He can only be JARED!
  • (2:19:08) Liam: I want him dead! I want his family dead! I want his house burned to the ground! (The Untouchables)
  • (2:21:17) Matt: Oh god, he’s gone full Shemp! (The Three Stooges)
  • (2:33:47) Sam: Have you seen The Departed?
  • (2:58:51) Matt: Square jaw, but it’s a little bit Sling Blade-style hung off to one side.
  • (3:03:20) Matt: ...borderline Winnie the Pooh in the tree.
  • (3:11:54) Marisha and Travis: Get it girl, get it get it girl! (“Get It Girl” by Jonn Hart)
  • (3:17:11) Liam: *Mickey Mouse voice* Sweet Pelor!
  • (3:26:40) Travis: Like that guy when he’s unloading the shotgun in Jurassic Park. Laura: Yeah, clever girl.
  • (3:33:50) Laura: I’m gonna shoot him … TWICE. Sam: Bareilles. Liam: You just got Bareilles-ized. Sam: Waitress, waitress!
  • (3:35:37) Vex: So you seem like a nice guy, I hate to kill you. (The Princess Bride)
  • (3:42:24) Marisha: You’re like those weather fail videos.
  • (3:45:50) Marisha: Are you Peter Parkering?
  • (4:04:05) Matt: Like “huge tracts of land”, that’s not what I meant! (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)