Quick Answers 51

How many times has Taryon has puked since he appeared?

  • Episode 87 (0:46:15)
  • Episode 88 (2:23:53)
  • Episode 90 (2:35:38) and (2:35:57)
  • Episode 91 (2:50:44)
  • Episode 92 (3:20:38)
  • Episode 94 (3:31:08)

How many times has Vax used his Reliable Talent feature?

Approximately 95 times. An exact number is difficult because we don’t know how many times he rolled a natural 10 versus actually getting to use the feature.

Can we get a Monster Analysis for Sam Riegel? Because I'm pretty sure he's not human.

  • Sam Riegel, Bard Level 20
  • First Appearance: 01 Arrival at Kraghammer
  • Armor Class: 14
  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Fey Ancestry, Immune to charm effects
  • Proficient with wine aerating tools

What was Artagan, and is it possible to play as a similar creature?

It was heavily implied that he is an Archfey. Archfey are incredibly powerful, so if you’re running a standard campaign, it’s unlikely your DM will go for that. There are a lot of variations of homebrewed common fey playable races, though, like fawns, pixies, dryads, etc. It’d be best to have that conversation with your DM!

Has Percy ever broken his glasses?

Nope! Not that’s ever been mentioned on stream, anyway.

Where in the Abyss is Orthax from?

So, that’s complicated. Shadow demons are unique from other demons, as they were destroyed, but were unable to reform in the Abyss, resulting in a new physical form not bound to Abyss or the usual demonic hierarchy. This means that he may return to any of the infinite chaotic layers of the Abyss, but unlike most demons, he could just as easily reform somewhere else on the Material Plane to offer a smoking deal to someone else...

When did Vex tell Vax the story about Trinket?

Episode 65 (2:02:22)

How many times did Vex go to a high place and how many times did she fall prior to Vax getting wings?

Off the tops of our heads:

  • Ep03 (2:13:00) Flying on the carpet across the ravine with Keyleth
  • Ep04 (1:22:34) Landing on top of the Duergar Warcamp
  • Ep05 (0:42:00) Flying through the air
  • Ep11 (2:25:46) Flying to and then standing at the top of the illithid temple (continued in Ep13)
  • Ep15 (1:27:13) Flying over the Ozmit Sea
  • Ep26 (2:56:36) Flying through the air as a cow
  • Ep28 (1:01:00) Tried to climb up to where the behir had been
  • Ep28 (1:45:53) Sleeping in a tree
  • Ep31 (p2. 0:52:40) Climbed up a tree
  • Ep34 (1:24:18) Flying to fight the Briarwoods Fell when the spell wore off
  • Ep42 (1:30:34) Climbed on a roof to shoot lizardfolk and wyverns
  • Ep44 (0:43:29) Flying in Wind Walk form
  • Ep47 (0:41:36) Vex learns to ride a broom
  • Ep47 (1:04:19) Vex flies at breakfast
  • Ep48 (1:40:13) The Infamous Breakfast training session
  • Ep49 (1:54:20) Flying to Kamaljiori’s lair
  • Ep50 (0:33:54) Flying back to Kamaljiori’s lair
  • Ep54 (2:33:18) Climbed up a tree

I remember their was an episode where Matt starts talking about the gods and the story of creation. He talks for like ten minutes without even looking at his notes. Where was that? What episode and time? If you could find that, that would be amazing.

Episode 43, (2:22:49). And we’ll take this opportunity to plug Critical Role Transcripts- it’s thanks to them that we could easily find where this was and you can read the text! Go help them out, and make Critical Role accessible for more critters!

Images show level 17 Vox Machina, but not seeing updated character sheets when I click on them. Love what y’all do!

Thanks for the love! We update both the character cards and sheets as soon as we can, as accurately as we can. The cards usually depend on when they appear on the stream. The sheets often take us a bit longer as we wait for the characters to demonstrate what they can do with their new levels. Thanks for your patience. They’ll be up when we think we have a full picture and find time to work on them!

Given that in Episode 93, had Keyleth gone unconscious just one hit sooner the campaign would be over now, would you consider calculating the odds of her survival?

The various permutations here get a little crazy if we include damage totals, so just using number of hits, we calculate a roughly 10% chance of Keyleth dying from the series of attacks from the three spine devils and the bone devil in Mentiri.