Character Causes Battle

Pyrot3ch-nick asked: How many times has VM gone into combat due to one or two characters’ actions?

To answer that, we’ll have to be a little myopic. Often Vox Machina’s intention was to battle in the first place, but it was one or two characters’ actions that set the battle in motion. Updated to Episode 94.

Total: 21

  • Ep01 (1:15:54) VM escaped a bar brawl accidentally started by Trinket wandering into the Iron Hearth’s brawling circle.
  • Ep02 (2:34:13) VM battled the Intellect Devourer and co. due to Grog running towards the camplight.
  • Ep04 (1:43:53) VM battled in the Duergar Warcamp, started by Scanlan and Vax’ildan surprise attacking (though VM’s plan the entire time was to go in afterward).
  • Ep05 (1:59:52) VM had to battle the black pudding due to Vex using an exploding arrow that Percy made for her (though VM planned to battle at that time anyway).
  • Ep06 (1:13:51) VM’s combat to breach the Emberhold is started by Scanlan and Pike Dimension Dooring and Thunderwaving (though their plan was to fight anyone who didn’t survive the initial attack).
  • Ep07 (2:42:10) The throne room battle started because Laduguer!Tiberius, on Scorpion!Keyleth’s back, cast a surprise fireball (though their plan the whole time was to kill King Murghol and Queen Ulara).
  • Ep09 (2:49:45) VM fought with the zombies in Episode 10 because Vax approached them.
  • Ep11 (0:17:04) VM fought with Tiny the fomorian because Vex and Vax got caught sneaking around.
  • Ep21 (1:19:47) The Trial of the Take Team 2 had to battle the ghosts because Vax touched the door handle (though they would have need to get through that door to get to Hotis anyway).
  • Ep24 (3:43:09) VM battled the Briarwoods in Episode 25 because Vax snuck into their room and got caught.
  • Ep33 (p1. 0:16:45) VM battled Anders and the Helmed Horrors because Vax attacked Anders first (though there was always a plan in place to kill Anders. See also: The List).
  • Ep35 (p1. 0:41:48) VM battled Orthax because Percy refused to go further with his deal with the shadow demon.
  • Ep43 (2:38:28) Scanlan, Grog, and Vax battled Earthbreaker Groon because Grog needed to talk to him.
  • Ep51 (2:50:21) VM battled the Herd in Episode 52 because Grog’s strength is in his friends (though they had always planned to be his backup).
  • Ep58 (0:16:20) VM battled Hotis because Vax was in trouble.
  • Ep62 (0:59:41) VM battled the Feymire Crocodile because Grog alerted it to their presence.
  • Ep63 (2:14:43) VM battled Saundor after Vex opted to shoot the evil archfey rather than appeasing him.
  • Ep79 (3:59:31) VM battled Raishan because Vax disturbed her ritual to speak with Thordak (though their plan had always been to kill her).
  • Ep86 (1:29:03) VM battled Taryon and Doty because Grog and Vax setup an audition ambush (though they had all discussed emulating how they auditioned their guards previously).
  • Ep88 (2:23:06) VM battled the kraken because Tary threw up and screamed, drawing its attention
  • Ep92 (1:37:23) VM locked themselves into fighting Utugash because Percy signed a contract with Ipkesh.