Liam's Post-Apocalyptic Future, In Review

There has been much speculation that Liam's third one-shot may be set in a similar tone as his first world (though he did attempt to remind us that there are other worlds). While the first trip only had four players, this endeavor will feature seven players, Matthew Mercer included.

Regardless, whether you somehow have missed it up to this point or have watched it innumerable times, we figured it was only fair to offer a primer on the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was Warner Bros. Studios in the first adventure. This first episode is also a fantastic example of directions you can stretch the core rules of D&D to fit whatever setting or creatures you see fit outside of typical fantasy (as well as how to create a world in which your friends are already immersed!).

Taliesin, Laura, Travis, Sam, and Sam’s friend’s dog, Bixby, were in a recording session together at Warner Brothers Studios for Phalanx Studios’ latest game, Felguard 3. Liam, in his yellow lion shirt and glasses, served as their voice director in ADR Studio 5. Also present were Emma, Pierce, Alan, Jenna (writer for the game), Garrett (director for mo-cap set), three of the game developers, and Gus (the audio lead). After recording some lines, there was a pulse of some kind, causing the floor and roof to buckle and send Liam hovering in the air, to the panic of everyone else on his side of the booth. He ripped in half and both halves became mini-Liams. These were soon joined by more mini-Liams scuttling from the living tunnel that formed where the back wall on Liam’s side of the booth used to be. Everyone in that half of the room was dragged into the tunnel by the mini-Liams, leaving the voice actors alone in the booth.

The Level 1 voice actors managed to break the glass and escape into the now-dark studio. The hallway was flooded with gold, seemingly guarded by a creature with a Thordak-like claw. Also in the pile were a maniac greatsword (taken by Travis), a quiver of arrows and a bow (taken by Sam), a set of daggers (taken by Laura), and a black tentacle rod (taken by Taliesin, shocking no one). Taliesin also snagged a massive bottle of Advil to deal with the migraine that accompanied the rod. They saw a light coming from the server room, where they heard Ashley’s voice, calling them to find her in the cafeteria.

The hallway behind them began to collapse further, so they rushed to the lobby. On their way, they passed a door, through which they could see the Titanic floating by (as you do). As soon as Taliesin put his hand on the exit door, there was another pulse, and suddenly the voice actors found themselves outside, door rusted, looking up at a terrifying airborne squid-like creature. It was thankfully whisked away by what seemed to be a time skip many years in the future (yet another pulse), as nearly the entire group was frozen in fear. The group then endured a series of tribulations involving:

  • Bixby almost drowning then losing most of his fur in yellow slime
  • Travis having his nipple bitten for the first time of the night by an enemy creature
  • Taliesin taking offense that Travis would suggest eating him prior to eating the dog
  • Taliesin sacrificing pages of The Wicked + The Divine for a torch (that hurt us too, buddy)

Afterwards, the group eventually made their way to the cafeteria to find a winged, light-wreathed Ashley. She restored all of their hit points (and Bixby's fur), raised their maximum health considerably, and directed them to the iconic WB tower outside. Yet another pulse rolled through after Ashley left, and the building around them disappeared. They were left outside in a barren wasteland, a lightning storm raging around the WB water tower, which looked brand-new. The group realized that they’d adventured together before, that they were linked across time and worlds. They headed for the tower to “turn back the clock” as Ashley had asked.

Upon their arrival, Travis, Laura, Sam, Taliesin, and Bixby were greeted by Lich!Conan O’Brien on a Nightmare steed as well as a series of mini-Liams. As the battle wore on, Travis and Sam turned on each other, ending with Travis cutting off a frozen Sam’s arm and offering it to Lich!Conan as a sacrifice. Just when things were getting desperate, in rode Level 20 monk Marisha Ray and Level 20 bard Matthew Mercer on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Marisha dispensed with the Nightmare and the tower, while Matt restored the voice actors’ hit points before they both disappeared into the ether once more. Lich!Conan was destroyed, and one final pulse hit, shoving them forward in time, who knows when or where.