Liam's Quest: Full Circle Masterpost

Art by @kendrawcandraw

In the continuation and conclusion of Liam's metaverse, we laughed, we cried, some people died, it became a part of us. Below, we've compiled all interesting and un-interesting stats alike from the session (mostly the former), as well as some fantastic fan art (thanks to @kendrawcandraw, @owlishee, @samazkma, and @cwoodsart!).

Art by @owlishee


Damage Dealt:

  • Matt 31

  • Marisha 20+

  • Sam 6+

  • Taliesin 6+

  • Laura 4+

  • Travis 0

  • Ashley 0

Damage Taken:

  • Ashley 21

  • Sam 16

  • Marisha 14

  • Travis 14

  • Taliesin 12

  • Matt 11

  • Laura 10

Natural 20s:

  • Taliesin (0:43:05) Strength Check

  • Matt (0:59:42) Initiative

  • Taliesin (0:59:43) Initiative

  • Sam (2:05:30) Athletics Check

  • Marisha (3:06:30) Investigation Check

Natural 1s:

  • Taliesin (0:44:10) Strength Check

  • Marisha (0:56:41) Athletics Check

  • Sam (1:09:41) Ranged Attack

  • Sam (1:59:31) Persuasion with disadvantage

  • Travis (2:46:38) Initiative

  • Marisha (3:32:33) Leg Sweep against Small Machine

DM Crits:

  • Nightmare Monster 1 (Nat20, 1:03:30) Wisdom Save

  • Neil Druckmann (Nat1, 2:55:09) Attack against Small Machine

  • Small Machine 4 (Nat1, 3:46:16) Attack of Opportunity against Taliesin


  • Marisha 4 (Cat 2, Cat 3, Small Machine 3, Big Machine)

  • Taliesin 2 (Cat 1, Cat 4)

  • Matt 2 (Small Machine 2, Small Machine 4)

  • Laura 1 (Cat)


  • TPK

  • Liam

Art by @samazkma

Word Counts


  • (0:50:31) Liam: Thanks, Gil.

  • (3:32:33) Marisha: Don’t f*** me Gil…. That’s a natural 1, Gil. Natural 1, Gil.


  • (0:28:00) Liam: And a little spaghetti marinara.

  • (0:31:50) Liam: And spaghetti marinara where the head was.

  • (2:58:13) Liam: A long, spaghetti arm of hentai lashes out from your hand…

  • (3:17:29) Liam: You see lots of cables, it looks like black spaghetti.

  • (3:31:19) Matt: Or it’s f***in’ Chef Boyardee?


  • (0:24:13) Liam: They have sort of a bulging sausage feel to them. Laura: Yeah, of course they do.

  • (0:26:37) Laura: Be careful of the bulging sausages!

  • (0:26:43) Laura: Of the wet bulging sausages!

  • (0:26:49) Liam: Hashtag. Travis: #WetBulgingSausage.

  • (1:14:44) Liam: This thing just explodes like a blood sausage.

  • (1:26:07) Laura: They’re not normal trees. They look like engorged sausages.

  • (1:26:12) Ashley: Wet, bulging sausages.


  • (0:28:11) Liam: And there’s a kid that looks like Vern from Stand By Me.

  • (0:28:36) Liam: And Verno is just *snores*

  • (0:29:13) Travis: Why do I look like Vern from Stand By Me?

  • (0:36:42) Liam: And it’s running, and so is Vern.

  • (0:42:20) Liam: Verno is totally poking his head out of the heavy tree cover, looking after you.

  • (1:19:31) Liam: You see where Verno booked it before.

  • (1:19:35) Liam: You can see Verno went through the trees over here.

  • (1:49:12) Liam: ...and floats over floating Verno.

  • (3:44:33) Liam: You see the hole in the wall that Verno booked it out of.


  • (4:18:39) Liam: Of all the people in our little family, you were always the one who most had his s*** together.

  • (4:20:31) Liam: My sister. [...] My buddy, my twin.

  • (4:21:41) Liam: A companion. A brother.

  • (4:29:58) Marisha: Family? Matt: Family.

Art by @cwoodsart


DM Facepalms (Liam edition):

  • (3:51:06) At Sam leaving his headshot and resume on Neil’s body

Amount of Time Liam Maintained the Speak & Spell Voice:

  • About 20 minutes

Matt’s Vicious Mockery:

  • (1:02:55) Hey cat! Have you seen the kind of s*** she can do? Oh, look, your friend over there went and fell down: he was twice as big as you! You’re gonna die in a second, fool!

  • (2:02:00) I know everything about you. I’ve seen your pictures, i’ve read every single aspect of your existence. And here’s the fun part: when it comes down to it, you’re just a figment of some fat guy’s imagination!

  • (3:40:02) Hey! Computer! Stop all the downloadin’! You’ve been vague and not helpful to any of us. That makes you a bad computer!

  • (3:49:14) Hey, by the way, the rest of your equipment was s***ty. I guess that means you are too!

Matt’s Inspirations:

  • (1:45:05) Ashley, continue to prove your savagery! Chew deep, and revel in the insanity as this day we prove our mettle against the force of darkness!

  • (1:55:20) Sam, we have to end this now! Let’s do this!

  • (3:30:45) (To Taliesin) You’re adorable, and you’ve got this. You’ve adorably got this!

  • (3:41:23) (To Taliesin) No, but seriously, do something! Come on! You’re the amazing-- you worked with Spielberg, a******!

Ashley’s Intimidations:

  • (1:06:17) (while holding dead, skinned cat) All right you motherf***ers! You better turn around and leave or I’m gonna kill every last motherf***ing one of you!

  • (1:16:10) (while swinging the dead, skinned cat by the tail) It’s your call! You wanna run or you wanna keep fighting? Three down! Or five, actually! Math wasn’t my strong suit!

  • (1:59:57) (while wearing Marisha as a hat) Listen, we already know what’s gonna happen here. We know we’re gonna die. But, guess what? After this? We go to another world. So, you know what? I don’t like leading, and I don’t like following, you motherf***er!

Travis Abandons the Party:

  • (0:36:19) Travis runs away from the skinned cat

  • (0:58:07) Travis starts running away from the cats, but Matt convinces him to stay

  • (3:12:02) Travis suggests running for crafty before running for crafty.

  • (3:25:23) Travis takes off running through the tunnel

Persuading a Demogorgon:

  • (1:41:03) Taliesin: Mr. Satan Dude, we are totally ready to serve you!

  • (1:41:50) Sam: (while holding Bixby’s skull) We serve the darkness as you do! We will do your bidding, if you will let us-- please spare our lives so that we may serve yours!

  • (1:42:32) Ashley takes a bite of the dead cat

  • (1:45:51) Matt: Oh great Demogorgon, deity from beyond the Abyss that brings its hordes to the shoreline. We are but humble servants, prostrate before you. Granting you the power we have to offer as we, ourselves, traverse across many worlds. We have much gifts to grant you and follow you to the ends of this plane.

  • (1:50:11) Sam: I forgive you!

  • (1:50:58) Ashley smears Marisha’s guts on her face, then wears Marisha’s torso and head as a hat.

  • (1:58:57) Sam: Kill them, but save me! I will fan you and get you food and whatever. Just kill them all, they're nothing, just save me! Just save me!

  • (2:05:44) Sam: I can sing you showtunes! I know duwop songs! I will do your bidding forever if you just let ME live!