The Transcriptions of Doty the First

Thanks to @marycreateart for this art piece!

In the mere 17 days Vox Machina knew Doty, the obedient automaton wrote and sketched his way into their hearts.

Okay, maybe not their hearts, but definitely ours.

Anyway, as we fast forward a year and potentially meet his replacement, we figured it was worth compiling a few words from the robot itself. Which, were words mostly spoken by Tary. Transcribing is hard work, yo.

85 A Bard’s Lament

  • (2:58:47) “Doty, come here, will you? Take this down. In my travels through Ank’Harel, I never seen so many magical items in one place, but then I saw them walking up to me and I knew I had met some very special people.”
  • (3:01:48) Percy: The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Tary Darrington.
  • (3:12:53) “Doty, take this down. As the group turned around, I knew I had them. And our adventure was about to begin.”

86 Daring Days

  • (0:33:46) Doty writes Taryon Darrington, but tears out the page to give it to Grog
  • (0:54:41) After Vex warns Taryon to not flick money at her, Matt mentions that Doty walks up behind Taryon, cataloging the entire conversation.
  • (1:17:57) “Doty, take this down. As the tree split in front of me I- ahhhh!”
  • (1:18:56) “Doty, take this down. Today is the greatest day of Taryon Darrington’s life: the day that he experienced the wonder of the gods.”
  • (2:13:42) Matt notes that Doty has been writing down everything that has gone on since the end of the conflict. Taryon later has Doty rip out those pages.
  • (2:21:36) “Take this down. The battle a draw, Taryon decided it was better to lie than tell the truth, and embarked on a new adventure, pretending to be their humble intern when, in actuality, they were working for him.”
  • (2:36:13) Doty writes a check to Vex for 16000 gold
  • (3:00:00) Doty writes ‘Tary on!’ as a potential catchphrase.
  • (3:44:16) Doty is told to take down every word of anyone, saying anything, ever, on their whole trip.  Vax: Tary, staring off into the distance, shat his pants, crying into his poo.  Grog: ...the tiny member between his legs.

87 Onward to Vesrah

  • (0:23:32) “Take this down. With an efficiency and an effective leadership role-model for everyone, the Redhead continues to propel us forward, faster and faster, to everyone’s surprise and respect- including the captain. As the salt licks my nose, and the sweet smell of adventure is in the air, I know that with her on our side, we will be strong and we will be protected.”

88 Tangled Depths

  • (1:20:55) Doty is told to take notes of the surroundings, and if anyone tries to steal Taryon’s stuff to give a detailed description. Doty then takes ample notes on the flight patterns of the seagulls above them.

89 Curious Tides

  • (0:33:43) Doty wrote 25 different pages detailing the tides going in, each person that went in and out of the water, birds in the sky.
  • (1:10:06) Doty has been turned away from the ritual, noting the weather elements, cloud structures, children playing in the water.
  • (1:10:38) “But now, take this down. Plagued by an incompetent plan and ambushed by a surprise from a kraken, we nevertheless stayed true to ourselves and our bravery, found the lodestones and, despite nearly dying, came back to tell the tale. Proving ourselves as heroes of Vesrah and to each other. I was aided by young Percival in my fight. Abandoned by the Antlers and the Elves, and by the end of the fight, it was just me and the Big Guy duking it out. I blacked out for a moment, but before I did I’m sure he saw my bravery and was impressed. That’s why he dragged me to safety and presented me to Percival for healing.”
  • (1:11:30) (Matt acts out Doty writing through this conversation) Vex: You forgot to mention the part where you vomited and blew our cover.  [...] Grog: It’s so weird, I totally remember walking past you and trying to leave.  Taryon: Somehow, I got to the rift door, and I didn’t get there on my own. So, thank you, thank you Big Guy for dragging me there, I appreciate it.
  • (1:43:01) “Powerful, confident and enthralling. And, I vow, to use this, to the betterment of our entire team. To make sure none of us fall in battle. Not me, not Percy, not you, not either of the elves, not Short Stuff or the Big Guy. Thank you so much. I will cherish it always.”
  • (1:43:47) Doty sketches Taryon wearing his new dragontooth necklace.
  • (2:19:38) Doty sketches Vex and Percy, Vax and Keyleth, Grog, and Pike.
  • (3:18:27) Doty transcribes, from memory, everything Vex said about the contents of the book (but not in Taryon’s book).

90 Voice of the Tempest

  • (3:12:59) Doty writes down everything that’s said in the bar in Vasselheim, including everything about the unconscious guards.
  • (3:13:22) Vex: Dear diary, I have an itty bitty micro penis.

91 Vox Machina Go to Hell

  • (0:30:21) “Doty, write this down. Be more careful about exclusivity in future contracts.”
  • (3:06:40) Doty writes down all of Keyleth’s toast about Tary
  • (3:33:58) Vex: It’s good to be so cool.
  • (3:36:37) Bary Barrington
  • (3:44:50) Rocks Dockina

92 Deals in the Dark

  • (0:23:36) “Doty, take that down. Erinyes.”
  • (3:20:27) “Doty, take this down. I am the Vanquisher of Souls”

94 Jugs and Rods

  • (0:27:30) “Doty, take this down. As I, Taryon Darrington, embark on a mission into the very depths of Hell, I do so with no fear or hesitation. Though this undertaking is fraught with peril, I have a secret weapon that no inferno, monster or hellhound can defeat. I am flanked by the ferocious band of mercenaries known as Vox Machina. In the days since meeting this rag-tag company, our relationship has blossomed. At first, I was viewed as a suspicious outsider, then as a gallant and trusted colleague, and now, having proven my mettle, accepted as a lifelong brother and full fledged teammate. No matter what we face in the Abyss, my comrades would risk their lives for me, kill for me, and I’m 100% sure each would gladly live his or her life to save mine. Loyalty like that, you can’t put a price on it. But, if I had to, I’d say their friendship is worth about 210,000 gold, which, even to me, is a relatively large amount of money. Their faith emboldens me. But, it’s more than that. I’ve started to wonder. If I have so easily won the confidence of these battled-hardened titans, perhaps I am even more venerable, more impressive than I ever knew. Perhaps after this mission, I should return home, newly confident to confront my father once and for all. Maybe the time has come to complete my journey here and show my family that I indeed worthy to carry the Darrington name. But, first, revenge! Soon we will venture to where nightmares are born, and it’s going to be fun, fun, fun. That’s all for now, Doty. As always, correct my grammatical errors before you rest and go fetch my sleep mask and nightshirt.”