Puns of Episode 92: Deals in the Dark

We'd love to see art of Keyleth scurrying around the City of Dis as Bugness Everdeen.

  • (0:17:37) Travis: You got dis in the City of Dis! Marisha: You got dis!  Taliesin: You got dis.
  • (0:29:45) Taryon: Why don’t we keep [the ring] handy, no pun intended...  Grog: How is that a pun? Percy: I was actually thinking the same thing; I don’t understand how that works.  Taryon: It’s a ring. Handy. I’m very literate.  Grog: That’s a stretch.  Vax: I caught it, I’m sorry to say.
  • (0:30:20) Taryon: An important imp?  Grog: An imp imp?
  • (1:03:26) Marisha: F***ing hell.  Matt: Literally.
  • (2:04:30) Marisha: Bugness Everdeen!
  • (3:00:23) Sam: I’ll pull out my rod, grip it hard.  Travis: Choke down on it?  Sam: Choke down on it. Maybe grip it with my left hand so it feels different.
  • (3:13:38) Sam: Double bear action!  Taliesin: Don’t Google that.  Sam: Bear-on-bear action.  Taliesin: Really don’t Google that.  Sam: Two bears wrestling with each other. A hot mess of devil sex!  Taliesin: Google that.