Quick Answers 52

Do you have the timestamp of that one time when Matt, much to Travis' surprise, invented an official flower for one of the big cities (Westruun?) in a matter of seconds and what that flower was?

The Critical Role Wiki answered this one for us. We recommend checking them out, as they are a great source for trivia like this! Matt told us the official flower of Westruun was the white iris in Episode 56 (3:33:10).

Does the timeskip mean that Tary has been with VM as long as/longer than Scanlan at this point?

From what we can gather, no, Scanlan has still been with the party longer. During a Periscope, Matt suggested that a year and a half passed since the party first met together in Stillben to mid-Conclave arc. We can also note that Scanlan was with the party through two Winter’s Crest celebrations, while Tary has only been through one.

Everyone should have had a bday in the year gap. What's everyone's age now?

  • Taryon: 29
  • Vax and Vex: 28 or 29
  • Pike: Early 40s
  • Keyleth and Percy: Mid 20s
  • Grog, Scanlan: Unknown + 1

Do you guys happen to know the episode where Sam is late and Travis asks if Matt desires a gnome?

Episode 25 (0:07:20)

Do you guys know exactly when the No Mercy Percy nickname came about?

Kit Buss first said it in Episode 25 (1:19:24). We’re Ioun followers here, so we’re all about helping everyone gain the knowledge they seek. If you’re looking for a moment like that in the future, here are the steps we took to find it.

  • Estimated when we thought the nickname came about, Episode 25.
  • Went to CRTranscript and searched their backlog of transcripts.
    • Thankful for the service? Go help them out by transcribing, editing, or translating!
  • Did a CTRL+F search for ‘No Mercy Percy’ and found Kit’s use of it during Percy’s first round of attacks.
  • Went to our All Rolls chart to get the precise timestamp of those attacks.
  • Went to the video and found the moment we were looking for!

Is it safe to assume that Kylan (or whatever the spelling of the little butcher's son who Vax turned away only to have him join up with Ripley) is now a gunslinger/rogue multiclass or did Matt make a gun subclass for rogue?

We’re not assuming anything about Kynan Leore, Captain of the Whitestone Muskete-- we mean, Riflemen, though you’re welcome to! We’d also suggest waiting for the campaign guide that Matt’s writing to see if there’s anything about such a subclass in there.

If this hadn't already been tracked, how many times has Matt had an NPC go into a backroom or the like, drop something and swear loudly? I can think of at least 3.

Just a reminder that we no longer track stats that require a full-show rewatch! We can remember that situation happening with Victor and Cedric Gillsman (the potion merchant in Vasselheim), though!

Ok, this is probably the wrong question to ask but do we know why everyone but Grog dumps CON? CON is the second most important stat in the game and it's especially showing when spellcasters fail their CON save. Even the artificer, a class that gets CON save proficiency has a CON of 12. Yet most of their spell list requires CON saves.

We pondered over your question; here are our thoughts.

First, Taryon’s concentration save bonus is +6, which isn’t too shabby! Keyleth’s is a +5 when she’s wearing her +2 Ring of Protection, and because she is a War Caster, she has advantage on concentration checks. Scanlan only had a +2, but he also took War Caster, and many of his most-used spells were not concentration, with the obvious exception of Bigby’s Hand. Percy's is +8. Sure, Pike’s is only a +1, but many of her most-used combat spells are not concentration (like Spiritual Weapon, Cure Wounds, and Heal). Vex and Vax's are all lower (+2 and 0) but bear in mind that neither of these characters are considered to be primary spellcasters. Vax weren’t even initially built with spellcasting in mind; those are relatively recent developments driven by the story. Vex’s only concentration spells are Hunter’s Mark (an easily-recast first level spell), Pass Without a Trace, and Locate Object. These last two are primarily non-combat spells.

Secondly, it’s sometimes to a player’s benefit to have proficiency in a save that they don’t have an amazing score for. For example, a monk that opts to be dexterity-based can opt to have a fairly low strength stat because their strength save will be bolstered by proficiency. A rogue might have a lower intelligence score because they’d rather be better at lying or figuring out they’re being lied to, but their intelligence save will still be high because of proficiency.

Thirdly, we’d argue that most of VM didn’t use constitution as a dump stat.

  • Vex’s strength score is lower than her constitution.
  • Keyleth’s charisma is lower than her constitution, and her strength is equal to it. Percy’s strength is lower than his constitution, and his charisma is equal to it.
  • Taryon’s wisdom and dexterity are lower than his constitution, and his strength is equal to it.
  • Scanlan’s constitution is his second highest stat score.
  • Pike’s dexterity is lower than her constitution, and her intelligence is equal to it.
  • Vax took a yet-unknown feat that bumped his constitution from 10 to 11 when he took a fourth level of paladin.

Finally, it’s worth considering that the while stats are certainly important, their level of importance depends entirely on the focus of the player. A player who values obtaining information may focus their character more on Wisdom or Intelligence while letting their atrophied health speak for itself. A player who wants to stay in the middle of a fight will probably attempt to keep their character strong and healthy while sacrificing their will to flee. Everyone’s game is different, and everyone has fun with it in their own way while prioritizing different aspects.