Media References and Puns of Episode 95: One Year Later...

IT'S BEEN one year since you went to hell,
Escaped with your lives and with a foe felled.
Few months since you set up shop,
Built a bakery with sun treats and bear claws.
Two weeks since you went to the beach,
Locked mastiffs in a room to mate, destroy, and pee.
Yesterday was common as can be,
But it'll still be a few days with the Trickfoot family...


  • (0:10:45) Travis: So, I had the bear tattooed that I filleted off of Kevdak, and I had it tanned, and I then I got a copy of that tattoo on my back ‘cause that s***’s behind me.
  • (0:11:11) Liam: Did you put a bear a** on your bare a**?
  • (0:28:16) Laura: It’s called The Slayer’s Cake.
  • (0:28:20) Ashley: We have many, many items.  Laura: Delicious Sun Treats.
  • (0:28:27) Ashley: Bear claws
  • (0:28:28) Ashley: Angel food cake.
  • (0:28:30) Marisha: Some tree bark that Keyleth made.
  • (0:41:25) Marisha: Sir Vax?  [...] Sam: Cervix?
  • (0:53:43) Sam: He’s got a little hole right here in his hand.  Laura: That you--never mind.
  • (0:54:19) Taliesin: Well-oiled machine.
  • (1:03:05) Sam: Profite-roll for initiative?
  • (1:03:11) Taliesin: Profiterolos? Profiterolos! [...] Profiterderolos.
  • (1:05:13) Ashley: I’ll teach you the ropes!
  • (1:05:18) Liam: Show us all the best gifs (hard g).  Ashley: I’ll show you all the best gifs (soft g)!
  • (2:55:19) Sam: I am at the Slayer’s Cake. I am making blondies.

Media References

  • (0:01:54) Travis: Henry V, man, Henry V.
  • (0:02:16) Matt: MoMOcon! (Street Fighter)
  • (0:03:24) Matt: Who did Ashley end up looking like?  Ashley: Haley Joel Osment.
  • (0:03:35) Travis: Brad Pitt?
  • (0:03:40) Liam: Screech. (Saved by the Bell)
  • (0:03:47) Travis: Kansas? Bon Jovi.
  • (0:03:53) Sam: *singing* Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it! (Journey)
  • (0:04:01) Matt: I don’t agree with that! I’ve seen Nip/Tuck!
  • (0:04:20) Taliesin: I think we were thinking about Brian K. Vaughan
  • (0:05:35) Ashley: Boy George!
  • (0:20:39) Liam: Who was that man? That was Taliesin Jaffe, Mayor of Ren Fair!
  • (0:34:45) Laura: Like those elves in Dragon Age!
  • (0:42:07) Laura: They integrated rap, too.  Sam: To history? (Hamilton)
  • (0:43:35) Matt: ...of this Globe Theater-type structure.
  • (0:44:34) Liam: Aliens! Aliens! (Ancient Aliens)
  • (0:46:28) Liam: They looked like Slenderman.
  • (0:46:35) Sam: They kept singing about a technicolor dream coat. (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
  • (0:48:34) Sam: Warby Parker.
  • (0:48:52) Liam: Like Elton John glasses.
  • (0:49:11) Taliesin: They were the Whitestone Musketeers, until Cassandra said that was silly, and so they’re called the Riflemen.
  • (1:00:33) Liam: Good-bye. (AOL)
  • (1:04:07) Liam: I’m wearing some of Percival’s loaner cast of Hamilton clothing right now.
  • (1:04:59) Sam: *singing* Sailing!  Others: Takes me away to where I’ve always wanted to be! (“Sailing” by Christopher Cross)
  • (1:06:00) Matt: And the grandiose port city of Shaman.  Laura: Shamon! (“Bad” by Michael Jackson)
  • (1:06:32) Travis: A Sandals.  Laura: Secrets!
  • (1:16:53) Laura: Grog, Grog! Lift me like Dirty Dancing!
  • (1:24:28) Liam: Everyone looks over as Castle Ravenloft is towering above the beach.
  • (1:33:24) Liam: Guns and ships and so the balance shifts. (“Guns and Ships” from Hamilton)
  • (1:33:52) Liam: What are you gonna do now, Davey? (Davey and Goliath) Thanks to @JayHuested for this one!
  • (1:55:09) Travis: They’re so R. Kelly right now. *sings* I’m in the closet!  Liam: Am I R. Kelly, or am I peeing on R. Kelly?
  • (1:57:46) Marisha: Can I magic this clean up like it’s Fantasia or some s***?
  • (2:33:30) Grog: That was a Frodidian slip.  Sam: Frodo! (Lord of the Rings)
  • (2:35:15) Liam: Puttin on the Ritz! (Young Frankenstein)
  • (2:50:17) Liam: The Sackville-Bagginses just rolled up.
  • (3:15:28) Sam: *Psycho strings*
  • (3:20:50) Taliesin: Kato Kaelin!  Marisha: Kato Kaelin!  Taliesin: Back to the pool house with you!
  • (3:23:46) Marisha: It’s like a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
  • (3:26:30) Taliesin: It’s going to be Mister Ed for the next 30 minutes.
  • (3:48:07) Marisha: Freaky Friday!
  • (3:56:12) Marisha: He had a Mick Jagger lifestyle.
  • (3:57:05) Marisha: The gnome mover? (PeopleMover)