What We Know About Battle Royale 3

In place of the continuing story of Vox Machina, tonight’s episode of Critical Role will see Vex, Grog, Tary, Percy, and Keyleth showdown in a battle royale. Five will enter, one will survive as the champion.

  • Who: Vex’ahlia, Grog, Taryon, Percy, Keyleth

  • Where: Unknown

  • When: Today, regular Critical Role time, 7pm PDT

  • Why: Liam and Ashley can’t be there

  • Other Info:

    • Everyone will be level 17, including Tary (who is regularly level 15)

    • Everyone has access to their current equipment (unless told otherwise)

    • Vex will have Trinket; Taryon will have Doty

In case you're looking for the first two Battle Royales, you can find them here and here!