Battle Royale 3 Stats Roundup

Philipp asks: I would be interested in a crosstable "damage done to"/"damage taken from" for the latest Battle Royale. Are you guys working on something like that?

We just did! You can find the full sheet here, but we’ve summarized some highlights below. Note that the damage on the sheet does not count any damage ignored due to resistances, but does include overkill damage when it was stated. This does include the damage Grog ignored via Relentless Rage, and the damage Percy took when he fell and failed his first death save, but not any damage that wasn’t explicitly stated (i.e. Grog’s finishing autocrits on Percy and Keyleth). It also does not include any healing.

  • There was a total of 1664 points of damage dealt out in the most recent Battle Royale by players, the environment, and the Raven’s Slumber.

  • Grog dealt nearly half this damage, at about 46%.

  • Keyleth took a full quarter of the total damage, at about 25%. Grog was just behind her at 22%.

  • The lair dealt exactly 50 points of damage, or 3% of the full total. This was more than the damage dealt by Doty, Trinket, Grog’s goliath knight, and the Raven’s Slumber combined.

  • Trinket dealt no damage.

  • The Raven’s Slumber took the most damage dealt by a single player to a single target at 280 (about 17% of the total damage dealt). This also was the most damage dealt in a single round by a single player.

  • Taryon only dealt 77 points of damage to Grog. Percy and Keyleth both dealt more damage to him, at 82 and 126, respectively.

  • Grog dealt the most damage to Keyleth, at a whopping 195 points. Vex came in second at 93, over 100 points less.

  • Taryon’s little camping routine means that he dealt a relatively low portion of the damage at 173 points (10% of the total), but Grog still managed to deal just over 100 points of damage to him. He took a total of 110, 9 of those dealt to himself when he used the Bead of Force on himself.

Other Stats of Note:

Natural 20s

  • Keyleth (0:52:15) Slam against Trinket

  • Grog (1:05:30) DT Reckless against Necklace

  • Grog (1:06:53) DT Reckless against Necklace

  • Grog (1:23:23) DT Reckless against Percy

  • Vex’ahlia (2:05:48) Stealth Check

  • Grog (3:01:49) DT Reckless against Keyleth

  • Grog (3:15:16) DT Reckless against Keyleth

  • Natural 1s

  • Vex’ahlia (1:01:14) Deception Check

  • Taryon (2:21:41) Wisdom Save with Luck

  • Vex’ahlia (3:00:10) Death Save

  • Grog (3:25:33) Wisdom Save

DM Facepalms

  • (1:30:48) At realizing how ridiculous the lines, “It’s not that big, you could fit it up inside there!” sound

  • (2:47:27) After describing the effect of the Rogue card

  • (3:01:52) At Grog’s Nat20 against Dragon!Keyleth


  • Keyleth: Doty (dead), Trinket (unconscious)

  • Vex’ahlia: Percy (unconscious)

  • Grog: Raven’s Slumber Crystal (shattered), Percy (dead), Vex’ahlia (unconscious), Keyleth (unconscious and dead)

  • Taryon: Trinket (dead), Goliath Knight (unconscious and dead), Grog (unconscious and dead)

Gil Mentions

  • (1:55:58) Marisha: Don’t f*** me, Gil!

    • Marisha, Perception Check Success

  • (2:39:34) Marisha: Don’t f*** me, Gil, don’t f*** me!

    • Marisha, Concentration Check Success

Travis’ Face Paint

It was pointed out that Travis' face paint had slowly disappeared over the course of the episode, so us being us, we took screenshots every 30 minutes to watch the progression. (Click on the image to advance the slideshow.)