Media References and Puns of Episode 96: Family Matters

Thanks to  Chris Gutierrez  (@bullyart07) for this art piece!

Thanks to Chris Gutierrez (@bullyart07) for this art piece!

Ogden: Pike, you have been saved from a family line of terrible curses!

Ogden, you keep using that word. We do not think it means what you think it means.


  • (0:03:50) Marisha: I still want to make Sportsball, but you won’t let me! I want to make it with you!  Laura: Don’t say you want to make it with my husband.
  • (0:53:30) Vex: Was he kind of a dick?  Wilhand: A what?  Keyleth: Oh! A penis!
  • (2:21:25) Vex: ... some really terrible gods. Some good gods. Travis: Good god!
  • (2:40:02) Grog: Do you want to go see another cleric and see if you even need to exorcise or not?
  • (2:44:42) Grog: I do love probing.
  • (2:50:19) Keyleth: You don’t look shady.

Media References

  • (0:03:13) Matt: I’m pretty sure a Street Fighter character says [Hannah Mahoney] when you make an attack. (Street Fighter)
  • (0:04:07) Taliesin: Which one is the Gryffindors?
  • (0:04:49) Various: MoMOcon! (Street Fighter)
  • (0:08:17) Sam: It was a real Heisman Trophy.
  • (0:26:40 Marisha: You’re making a derby hat.
  • (0:27:07) Travis: It’s going to be like Karate Kid
  • (0:29:03) Sam: Junior.  Marisha: Bacon.  Sam: Junior Bacon Cheeseburger! (Wendy’s)
  • (0:43:36) Vax: Do we get to see the Musketeers?
  • (0:45:35) Marisha: Is he wearing a Lolita hat? Is that what’s going on?
  • (1:08:29) Travis: The old gnome diabetus.  Liam: Diabeetus.
  • (1:32:27) Matt: We’re talking Schwarzenegger, T2, spin the gun around one-handed. (Terminator 2)
  • (1:38:05) Taliesin: *singing* Kissed by a rose on the grave. (“Kiss From a Rose” by Seal)
  • (2:33:25) Grog: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. (Henry IV, Part 2 by Shakespeare) 
  • (2:44:56) Percy: You don’t have to do this: *mimics Professor X mind-reading pose*
  • (2:45:02) Travis: *radar noises* Calling whales and s***. (Aquaman)
  • (2:50:24) Taliesin: Slim. Slim Shady. Marisha: The real Slim Shady. Stand up. (James Bond, “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem)
  • (2:51:26) Sam: She’s not wearing a wire. She’s OK. (Every criminal organization movie/tv show ever)
  • (3:08:32) Sam, Travis, and Ashley: Moonweaver. Ashley: My huckleberry friend. (Moon River from Breakfast and Tiffany’s)
  • (3:04:29) Ashley/Pike: I say, what you say. Laura and Ashley: Is what I say. (Newsies)
  • (3:15:19) *Marisha does an I Dream of Jeannie arm movement while casting Wind Walk*
  • (3:16:09) Marisha: *singing* Butterfly in the sky… Matt and Marisha: *singing* I can fly twice as high! *random bits of singing from everyone else* (Reading Rainbow)
  • (3:39:27) Sam: My pen! Matt and Sam: He took my pen!  Matt: 5d6 Kids in the Hall damage, that’s it.
  • (3:44:01) Grog: All eyez on me. (Tupac) NSFW
  • (4:09:15) Liam: *sings Final Fantasy victory fanfare*
  • (4:17:26) Liam: Gently! Gently! (The Princess Bride)
  • (4:22:23) Liam: The Cliffs of Insanity! (The Princess Bride)
  • (4:39:23) Pike: There actually is a curse on our family: it’s called diabeetus.
  • (4:40:14) Liam: It was like Les Miz. What to do? What to say? Can you carry our treasure away? (“The Bargain - Waltz of Treachery” from Les Miserables)
  • (4:41:16) Taliesin: You were doing the Jon Stewart bulls***  Laura: Scribble.