Media References and Puns of Episode 100: Unfinished Business

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Laura: Our infographic is no longer valid!

If it takes making more Hamilton references to invalidate our infographic it will have been worth it. We'll leave you to it.

Media References

  • (0:03:35) Sam: The Avengers! X-Men! Spider-man! And more!
  • (0:04:00) Sam: Spider-man! [...] Devil Dinosaur! [...] Invisible Woman! [...] Medusa! [...] The Hood! [...] Ares!
  • (0:05:54) Travis: It’s the end of the month! Wake up! Wake up! (“1st of Tha Month” by Bone Thugs N Harmony) NSFW
  • (0:06:53) Laura: We worked with David Mack who is this amazing artist!
  • (0:07:02) Liam: He does covers for everything! Daredevil.  Laura: Jessica Jones, I saw a Jessica Jones work. Kabuki!  Taliesin: Elektra.
  • (0:14:52) Liam: Freakin’ Willy Loman, man! (Death of a Salesman)
  • (0:15:00) Liam: Take a break. Runaway upstate.  Travis: *singing* Take a break!  Liam: For the summertime.  Travis: Sing it, Liam.  Liam: *singing* Take a break! (“Take a Break” from Hamilton)
  • (0:15:08) Matt: Non-stop! (“Non-Stop” from Hamilton)
  • (0:15:36) Marisha: Jeff Lewis! Everyone knows him and loves him from The Guild!  Matt: Or Waluigi in There Will Be Brawl.
  • (0:16:15) Travis: Legion of Doom!
  • (0:16:40) Liam: Man, I’ve been CrossFitting all day!
  • (0:29:24) Liam: We’re just doing the whole Lawrence of Arabia thing.
  • (0:53:03) Percy: Lionel. Like the trains. I don’t know what those are. (Lionel Trains)
  • (1:06:57) Laura: I’m picturing beautiful Bob Ross mountains. “Just lightly touched.” Taliesin and Marisha: Happy accidents. Liam: Just a happy little TPK.
  • (1:16:24) Travis: Duck Hunt! Shoot it! Liam: *pantomimes that mean dog* Matt: *sings the music from Duck Hunt*
  • (1:50:34) Liam: Left hand green! (Twister)
  • (1:51:55) Ashley: *singing* We’re the best! Marisha, Travis, Laura: *singing* Around! Sam: *sings the next line’s tune* (“You’re the Best Around” by Joe Esposito)
  • (1:56:58) Marisha: Holy s***, a brand-new Tesla is coming this way.
  • (1:57:39) Scanlan: When people keep repeatin’, that you need a place to sleep, when everybody starts retreatin’, but you need a really cool keep, let Scanlan open the door! *everyone joins in* Let Scanlan open the door! Let Scanlan open the door to your heart. (“Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend)
  • (2:01:52) Vex, singing: Scanlan open the door. Keyleth, singing: Scanlan open the door!
  • (2:04:05) Taliesin: Watch an episode of House of Cards, and by the end, Glyph of Warding will be done.
  • (2:32:28) Travis: But because of the spot behind you, can you give us one Vidal Sassoon wave of your- Matt: No. Travis: Ok.
  • (2:32:34) Laura: And because of the halo around you- Liam, singing: I can see your halo! (“Halo” by Beyonce)
  • (2:32:50) Sam: Maybe he’s born with it. Jon, singing: Maybe it’s- Travis, singing: Maybe it’s Matt Mercer. (Maybelline)
  • (2:33:25) Vax: Do you want to play cards? Scanlan: Sure! Gin Rummy? Rummy Gin? Pinochle? (...) Spades? Hearts?
  • (2:37:52) Vax: You take any one piece away and the tower falls. Jenga, man. Scanlan: I don’t know what that game is.
  • (3:07:32) Matt: You see above her the dark-skinned, light flaming hair, Sarenrae embodying her, like a JoJo stand as it kind of takes this pose. (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • (3:11:20) Matt: You’re honing Vin Diesel right now with this crit power!
  • (3:19:02) Scanlan: Everybody people. Everybody bleed. Everybody needs something. Everybody love. Everybody know how it go. I know it’s stupid but there’s a certain logic to it. (...) Pike: It just makes you feel connected to everybody people. (“Everybody” by Logic) NSFW
  • (3:31:10) Matt: Boots and pants and boots and pants. (Geico)
  • (3:33:24) Ashley: What’s in the box? Travis: What’s in the box? (Se7en)
  • (3:33:44) Liam: Colville!
  • (3:35:49) Taliesin: We’re gonna strip the bodies of their culty-pants. Laura: And boots and pants and boots and pants.
  • (3:39:55) Matt: It’s kind of like- you know in Doctor Strange, that like prison exoskeleton that he threw on him? It’s kind of like that.
  • (3:41:02) Tary: I’m definitely poorer for having known you, though. (Liam’s Quest: Full Circle)
  • (3:59:22) Sam: It’s like a soap opera! Laura: Dun-dun-duuuuuuun!
  • (4:06:39) Liam: Taste the rainbow! (Skittles)
  • (4:07:06) You don’t need anybody else when I stand beside you I touch you elf. Woah! (“Touch Myself” by Divinyls)
  • (4:39:26) Travis: Dancing on the ceiling! (“Dancing on the Ceiling” by Lionel Richie)
  • (4:44:52) Ashley, singing: Hey there Delilah… (“Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s)
  • (4:46:10) Liam: S***! Back into the Skittle? F*** you Delilah!
  • (4:50:41) (inspiration to himself) Scanlan: It’s raining gnomes, hallelujah, it’s raining gnomes everywhere we go! Short! Stout! Tough and mean! The handsomest I’ve ever seen! (“It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls)
  • (4:56:23) Liam: Hi, I’m Jeffrey Dahmer, welcome to my prismatic sphere! Taliesin: I think I’ve watched Jeffrey Dahmer’s Prismatic Sphere, wasn’t that on TNC? (South Park, potentially)
  • (5:36:23) Ashley: I have one job!  Laura: It’s stupid! (Galaxy Quest)


  • (0:21:41) Matt: Some shade has been thrown. [...] Marisha: I don’t understand: there’s not a lot of shade: it’s noon.
  • (0:39:58) Scanlan: Sorry, I didn’t know you were throning!
  • (0:46:28) Percy: So it’s a name for when he’s ribbing you? (...) I’m just so excited by all the puns that are available.
  • (0:48:51) Sam: Jack off, jack off, jack off!
  • (1:32:00) Lionel: There may be some of my dead comrades we can use as pillows. (...) Pike: Body pillows. (...) The best kind of body pillow is a real one.
  • (1:56:48) Sam: That’s a hundred thousand dollars, yo. *blank looks from everyone* Six figures, moving your direction?
  • (3:19:18) Scanlan: I know it’s stupid but there’s a certain logic to it.
  • (3:41:02) Tary: I love you, though. I’m definitely poorer for having known you, though.
  • (5:11:42) Sam: Oh mahl-lard.