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The last two questions have spoilers for Episode 102. If you want to avoid them, stop reading after taking a look at our saving throw tables.

Does your stat on time passed in-game count the time skips?


On average, how many rounds of combat do VM's fights last? And which fight has taken the most rounds?

The current average is 4.91 rounds. The longest “fight” is tricky, though the current record is 67 rounds for the roc ambush and chase, with the fomorian fight at 20 (including Keyleth casting Geas). If you want to limit it to actual combat, it’d be Grog’s second encounter with Earthbreaker Groon at 18 rounds. For more time stats, check out our Running Times sheet here!

Love the website! Do you know where I can get a pdf, preferably fillable version of the character cards they show on stream? like the ones you have displayed on your website?

Thanks! We are not aware of a pdf version of their character cards, but knowing critter ingenuity, we’re guessing there’s one out there.

That infographic is amazing. Who designed it?

We worked with Geek & Sundry to come up with some fun stats for the infographic, and they worked with their designers to create the graphic. We had a blast, and we’re so pleased with the result!

When did Keyleth deal 660 damage in one round?!

We got this one a lot after posting the infographic. Episode 31 (p2. 0:54:15), casting Ice Storm on 30 bludgeoning-vulnerable skeletons.

Your comparison for Percy’s firing speed is off.

#WeKnow :-)

Why didn’t you put [moment] on your favorites list?

*shrug* Because it wasn’t one of our favorites! It’s a subjective list, to be sure.

Do you know where I can find a list of Scanlan’s songs?

Right here! Now updated through episode 101!

Because Episode 12 isn't a VM episode, does that mean, technically, the entire count is off? (They re-labelled all of Liam's Quests but that episode was D&D tips and a one shot with Snugglelord) So, 101 is actually the 100th?

That’s given us a hard time since it aired. Episode 100 is technically the 99th episode for Vox Machina, but since Episode 12 is still numbered in the core Critical Role series instead of labeled as a one-off, we still count it as one of the Critical Role episodes for documentation purposes.

Random thought, but did Lionel’s ducks count as NPCs to the tally?

Quack. (Yes.)

What is the highest and lowest number that each VM member can get for their saving throws?

Assuming that we go with Nat2 and Nat19, here’s the tables for the current levels (as of episode 102):

We’ve taken into consideration any of their normal magical items, like rings of protection, and abilities, like Jack of All Trades. We’ve also seen aspects of some of the actual character sheets, like Liam’s, so we’re pulling some of those numbers from what the player actually uses (which may contain bonuses that haven’t specifically been described in-game).

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Last Chance!














There have been a lot of deaths. Do you know the current resurrection DC's of each member of VM?

Per Matt’s rules:

  • Keyleth-11 (one death, one successful revivify)
  • Vax’ildan-11 (two deaths, one successful resurrection)
  • Pike-11 (one death, one successful resurrection)
  • Grog-12 (two deaths, two successful revivifies)
  • Percy-12 (two deaths, one successful revivify, one successful resurrection)
  • Vex’ahlia-13 (three deaths, three successful revivifies)
  • Scanlan-13 (two deaths, one failed revivify, one successful revivify, one successful resurrection)

Does Keyleth have a spell slot left to get them home to Whitestone right away or does it look like they'll have to spend the night in the Feywild? Thanks!

That depends on what 6th level spell she picked for the day. If she picked Transport via Plants, she can’t get them from the Feywild to the Prime Material plane. However, depending on where they land in the Feywild, they could get to the Fey Crossing by Nala the Nymph’s lake, cross into the Prime Material, and then Transport to a tree they know. If she brought Wind Walk, again, depending on where they land in the Feywild, they could Wind Walk their way to the Fey Crossing and then keep misting to wherever they want to go, assuming it doesn't take more than eight hours. If she brought Heroes' Feast and if they land in the Feywild near Nala, they can cross into the Prime Material and then try to get to a nearby city. It's also worth noting that Pike has access to Plane Shift and hasn't cast anything from her seventh level spell slot yet, though she usually brings Resurrection or Fire Storm with her as her seventh level spell.

That being said, who knows how much time will have passed when they cross back to the Prime Material, or what state Whitestone is in now that the siphon is potentially no longer pulling energy into the Shadowfell...