Villains Gallery: Non-Dragon Conclave Foes

We had an anonymous critter request a while back for us to create a list of villains and information about their intentions and deeds. There have been a lot of big bads over the course of 99 episodes, so many that we can't do them justice in one post. We're breaking them up by story arc, continuing with the non-dragon foes of the Conclave arc.

Maybe the REAL Conclave Were the Foes We Faced Along the Way

Spireling Shenn

  • Human rogue
  • Current leader of the Clasp in Emon
  • Wanted VM to assist the Clasp in infiltrating Vasselheim in exchange for the Clasp’s help with the Chroma Conclave crisis.
  • Ejected Vax’ildan from the Clasp after he refused to stay with them when VM rejected his offer.
  • Last known location: Emon, still running the Clasp

Anniversary Beholder

  • Beholder
  • “God” to the Kua-toa living in the tomb of Purvon Suul, Champion of the Raven Queen.
  • Killed by Zahra Hydris

The Pyrah Efreet

  • Efreet
  • Took advantage of Thordak’s destruction of Pyrah to invade the Material Plane
  • Killed by Scanlan

Thanks to @Takayuuki_art for the art piece!

Thunderlord Kevdak

  • Goliath fighter/barbarian (Totem of the Bear)
  • Grog’s uncle and head of the Herd of Storms
  • Beat Grog and ejected him from the Herd of Storms when he refused to kill Wilhand Trickfoot.
    • Assumed Grog was dead.
  • Wore the Titanstone Knuckles
  • Took advantage of the destruction of Westruun to take the city for his own before being subjugated by a returning Umbrasyl.
  • Killed by Grog in a challenge for herd leadership.


  • Goliath druid
  • Served Thunderlord Kevdak as advisor
    • Largely responsible for convincing him to take the city of Westruun and serve Umbrasyl.
  • Executed by Grog after the death of Thunderlord Kevdak when he suggested the herd continue to serve Umbrasyl.

Mystic Iotha

  • Pixie
  • Leader of The Wishers
  • Wanted to destroy all the lycanthropes
    • Was systematically turning them to stone and bringing them back as decorations for The Wishers’ gardens
  • Petrified Grog under suspicion of being a lycanthrope when a recent wound was discovered.
    • Left him petrified to punish VM for “frightening” The Wishers
  • Killed by Vex’ahlia.

Thanks to @Mikandii for the art piece!


  • Corrupted archfey
  • Wielded Fenthras
  • Was “betrayed” by a former lover. His reaction corrupted the entire Shademirk Bog.
  • Wanted Vex’ahlia’s heart.
  • Killed by Grog Strongjaw.

Thanks to @fluorescentwolf for the art piece!


  • Goristro
  • Swallowed Joran the Sea-Speaker and the Spire of Conflux.
  • Summoned from the Abyss by Scanlan as bait for Vorugal.
    • After spotting Scanlan, was Dominated and forced to fight the dragon instead.
  • Killed by Grog Strongjaw.


  • Pit Fiend
  • Ambassador to the City of Brass from the Nine Hells
  • Killed Juuraiel’s lover, leading her to give VM the task of killing him in exchange for the Plate of the Dawnmartyr.
  • Had a taste for slaves, especially those of Celestial blood.
  • Killed by Scanlan.
    • Scanlan then convinced the Illuminated that Ghurrix was involved in a plot against the Sultan of the City of Brass.
  • Current location: The Nine Hells
  • Has likely been demoted to a lesser devil as punishment for his weakness
  • Current motivations: Unknown, but is likely not happy with VM, especially Scanlan.

Fire Giant General

  • Fire Giant
  • Attacked Fort Daxio with an army of wyverns and lizardfolk
  • Killed by Vax’ildan.

Gatekeeper Xanthas

  • Elven arcane caster
  • Worked in the Traverse Junction in the Alabaster Lyceum
  • Served Thordak after the destruction of Emon
  • Infiltrated Fort Daxio ahead of the initial assault in order to incapacitate Allura Vysoren
    • Cast Feeblemind from a wand presumably looted from the Alabaster Lyceum
  • Charmed Vex’ahlia before being killed by her (to Kima of Vord’s irritation).