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Note: There is a very oblique reference to something in Episode 99 in the last answer. We don't think it spoils much, but if you're spoiler-averse, you'll want to stop after you read the answer about Pike and Grog's parents.

How did Vax’s 2 for stealth turn into a 37?!

Reliable Talent allows Vax to treat any rolls lower than 10 for skills that he is proficient in as a 10 (though Matt and Liam have confirmed that they respect Nat1s as auto-fails). He also has Expertise in stealth, so his proficiency bonus is doubled, and Vex had cast Pass Without a Trace, leading to a +27 modifier to his roll of 10 (+6 proficient, +6 expert, +5 dex, +10 PWaT).

Who has Earrings of Whisper?

All members of Vox Machina behave like they have an earring.

Has Matt ever stated the city colors of Emon?

Not that we know of!

Do we know what the magic item is that Tary gave to Vax to use against Grog in episode 95?

We don’t, though we have some ideas. ;-)

How much experience would Kerrek have earned for killing Raishan?

It’s impossible to say, as Matt has his own system for earning experience.

Do you track how many times someone has said…?

If you’re interested in word counts, a good place to check is Critical Role Transcript. You can click on each transcript and search the document for the phrase you’re looking for. While you’re there, consider reading the transcription instructions and transcribing a five minute block- every block helps!

What were the relative probabilities of Grog drawing helpful or harmful cards when he drew 5 from the Deck?

In Grog’s Deck of Many Things, there are 7 helpful cards and 6 harmful cards. So, for the first card he draws, there’s a 46% chance of him drawing a harmful card and a 54% chance of drawing a helpful card. Multiple cards gets more complicated, since the way they pulled cards during the Battle Royale meant that the probability of drawing helpful or harmful cards changed as Grog drew cards (cards weren’t returned between draws). Based on the cards Grog drew during the Battle Royale:

  • First card: 54% helpful, 46% harmful (7 helpful, 6 harmful), he drew Ruin (harmful)
  • Second card: 58% helpful, 42% harmful (7 helpful, 5 harmful), he drew Rogue (harmful)
  • Third card: 64% helpful, 36% harmful (7 helpful, 4 harmful), he drew Star (helpful)
  • Fourth card: 60% helpful, 40% harmful (6 helpful, 4 harmful), he drew Key (helpful)
  • Fifth card: 56% helpful, 44% harmful (5 helpful, 4 harmful), he drew Knight (helpful)

Now, RAW, the DMG says that all cards (except for Jester) return to the deck after being drawn, so the probability of drawing harmful or helpful cards in that case remains the same for each subsequent draw at 54% helpful, 46% harmful (unless you draw Jester, in which case it switches to 50% helpful, 50% harmful). In this case, it was easier on everyone to just draw 5 cards and figure out what they were without having to return everything to the deck after each draw (it was also more fun, since it guaranteed that Grog drew 5 different cards).

Do we know how many days are in a Tal’Dorei year?

Until told otherwise (like in the upcoming campaign guide, which you should definitely pre-order), we’re working under the presumption that it’s as long as an Earth year.

Do you have any familiarity with the Totem of the Duck?

We’ll talk about it later this week. (Quack)

Is there an Average Die Roll stat, and is @executivegoth at the top, or does it just seem that way?

That’s complicated for a couple of reasons. First, Percy’s guns have different misfire rates, and he doesn’t always call out what his particular roll is when he misfires, so his average will be skewed slightly higher. Second, Vax’s Reliable Talent makes calculating his natural 2-9 rolls for proficient skills nearly impossible (except on the rare occasion when Liam calls out the natural number), which also skews his average higher. We’re working on some stuff that will be out in the next couple of weeks, though!

Hey, will you track a particular cast mistake?

Nope! Check out our FAQ for information about potential requests and more!

How much money did Tary use in that battle royale?

That’s difficult to answer because, of his non-renewable item uses, most are parts of larger items, and those parts cannot be purchased individually (and aren’t priced individually in the DMG). Those types of items he used in the battle royale were:

  • Bead of Force
  • Four Healing Potions Patch from Robe of Useful Items
  • Scroll of Fire Shield
  • Window Patch from Robe of Useful Items
  • 4 Diamonds from Helm of Brilliance
  • 1 Ruby from Helm of Brilliance

What did Grog take damage from on his retaliation attack on Tary?

From Tary’s Fire Shield, which he cast on himself via scroll way back in the fourth round of the battle royale.

Is there a percentage for the number of gun breaks on Animus?

Percentage? No. List? Yep!

Aren’t Pike’s and Grog’s parents still roaming around?

Grog’s father, Stonejaw Strongjaw, is dead. Pike’s parents’ and Grog’s mother’s location or mortality is unknown. JB and Johann both commented on Pike’s parents going off on their own, but the reliability of that information is uncertain given the source.

Last Chance to back away from Episode 99 spoilers!


Based on when Scanlan mentioned The Meat Man, would Vox Machina have known of his alias?

If we only based it on conversations that happened in-game, potentially not, though it's certainly possible that Vax heard some of what went on during the fusaka deal since he was nearby to help Scanlan out if he got into trouble. Given that Vox Machina immediately all knew who The Meat Man was when it was brought up in Episode 99, it can be safely concluded that, in the two weeks between Scanlan’s fusaka deal and his departure, it must have been mentioned. Not everything that happens to the characters is specifically played out ‘on-screen.’ For example, Taliesin has said that, though they don’t take time out of the game to mention it every time, Percy makes sure Cassandra is informed of where and when he’s going when he leaves town.