Villains Gallery: Post-Conclave and Unlikable People

We had an anonymous critter request a while back for us to create a list of villains and information about their intentions and deeds. There have been a lot of big bads over the course of 99 episodes, so many that we can't do them justice in one post. We're breaking them up by story arc, ending with the villains Vox Machina faced so far after the Conclave, as well as the folks who didn't quite make it to Villain status, but were still pretty unlikable.

After The Conclave


Thanks to @Takayuuki_art for the art piece!

The Kraken

  • Kraken
  • Scourge of the rift between the Material and Water planes
  • Producer of lodestones that keeps Vesrah afloat
  • Attacked Vox Machina after Taryon spoiled their stealth
  • Killed Vax’ildan.
  • Was prevented from crossing into the Material plane.

Utugash, The Herald of Vassalage

  • Pit fiend
  • Ran a section of the City of Dis
  • “One of the prominent owners and taskmasters involved in moving souls and soul goods throughout this area of Dis. He is slovenly, he is lazy, he is powerful, and he needs to fall. [...] At this time, his laziness has left him a useless sack of demon s**t.”
  • Bought Tova from the Mentiri prison for his own entertainment.
  • Attacked by VM in his stronghold to fulfill the terms of Percy’s deal with Ipkesh, a cambion under his command.
  • Permanently killed by Tova

Symphior, The Withered Planetar

  • Tiny planetar
  • Placed as a seed to germinate and protect the land
  • Withered due to corruption of the land, awoken early by The Myriad’s mining operation.
  • Killed by Vex’ahlia.

Unlikable People

Nostoc Greyspine

  • Dwarf
  • Overseer of the Greyspine Mine in Kraghammer.
  • Works those in his employ to the bone.
  • Suspicious of outsiders.
  • Allowed VM to enter the mine to find Kima and to stop the influx of stitch monsters.

Vasselheim Merchant - Cidric Gillsman

  • Human
  • Merchant of potions and other magical items in the Quadroads district of Vasselheim
  • Previously vastly overcharged Grog for a Potion of Stone Giant Strength
  • Also previously charged VM for a potion of superior healing that he conveniently didn’t give them


  • Human
  • Member of the Slayer’s Take
  • Gave VM grief for killing the hydra.
  • Overly fond of the term 'scags.'

Drez Vina


  • Hag
  • Most recently encountered in Vasselheim.
  • Traded a bottle of poison to Vax’ildan for a favor.

Thanks to @samazkma for the art piece!

Syldor Vessar

  • Elf
  • Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan's father
  • Ambassador to Emon from Syngorn
  • Took Vex and Vax from their mother in Byroden when they were young, treated them very coldly
  • Has begun to make amends with them, especially for the sake of his daughter and the twins' half-sister, Velora


  • Half-orc
  • Sold Scanlan two large bags of fusaka for an obscene 400 gold.
  • Current location: Unknown


  • Cambion
  • Runs a tavern in the City of Dis
  • Previously under the employ of Utugash
  • Made a deal with Percy to get VM into the Mentiri Prison in exchange for killing Utugash.

Thanks to @drunken_pilot for the art piece!

Ogden, Johann, and Astra Trickfoot

Howaardt Darrington

  • Human
  • Taryon’s father
  • Land baron in Diastock
  • Made a deal with the local crime syndicate to help keep the Darrington properties.
  • Treated Taryon coldly throughout his upbringing, wanted him to marry a daughter in one of the local rich families to help pay off the family’s insurmountable debt to the Myriad.

Maryanne Darrington

  • Human
  • Taryon’s sister
  • Training to take over the Darrington business.
  • Was cruel to Taryon throughout their childhood, helped concoct the plan to have Taryon kidnapped and brought back to Diastock to be married to a daughter in one of the local rich families to help pay off the family’s insurmountable debt.