Villains Gallery: Underdark and Trial of the Take

We had an anonymous critter request a while back for us to create a list of villains and information about their intentions and deeds. There have been a lot of big bads over the course of 99 episodes, so many that we can't do them justice in one post. We're breaking them up by story arc, starting with the Underdark and Trial of the Take villains.


Duergar General

  • Duergar fighter
  • Led troops at the duergar warcamp
  • Wielded the Firebrand Warhammer
    • Taken after his death by Grog
  • Killed by Clarota

King Murghol

  • Duergar fighter
  • Ruler of the duergar- married to Queen Ulara
  • Served K’varn the Mad
  • Captured and tortured Kima of Vord
  • Killed by Scanlan in his own throne room

Thanks to @brinmataujall for this art piece!

Queen Ulara

  • Duergar arcane caster
  • Ruler of the duergar- married to King Murghol
  • Served K’varn the Mad
  • Captured and tortured Kima of Vord
  • Escaped the throne room with Grog, was eventually caught by VM
  • Banished by Scanlan before returning to be interrogated, killed by K’varn the Mad in the course of this interrogation

Thanks to @KageSatsuki for this art piece!

K’varn the Mad

  • Beholder
  • Possibly entered the Material Plane from the Far Realm through a portal in a cave near the illithid city of Yug’voril.
  • Wielded a Horn of Orcus
  • Liked to experiment with “improvements” to various creatures, including himself
    • Naga-like creature that attacked the mine in Kraghammer
    • Abyssal abomination based off an elf
    • Metal armor plates on himself
  • Enslaved the illithid colony of Yug’voril through mind control of an Elder Brain via a device on the top of the illithid temple.
  • Killed Grog
  • Killed by Vex'ahlia in the illithid temple
  • Brought to undeath by the Horn of Orcus, finally slain by Tiberius Stormwind, who also removed the horn.

Thanks to @Karvilac_IM for this art piece!


  • Illithid arcanist
  • Outcast from the illithid colony because of his arcane abilities
  • Found by Vex'ahlia and Keyleth during their hijack of the magic carpet, was convinced to join the party via promises to help him regain acceptance within the colony.
  • Betrayed VM when colony was freed.
  • Killed by Percy while attempting to eat Scanlan’s brain.

Trial of the Take

Thanks to @Viktormon for this art piece!


  • Adult white dragon
  • Destroyed and took up residence in a frost giant settlement north of Vasselheim
    • Killed all but two individuals, who were left alive to serve him
    • Acted as guards and brought him food and treasure
  • Target of a contract from the Slayer’s Take.
  • Contract accepted by Vex’ahlia, Percy, Grog, Scanlan, Zahra Hydris, and Lyra.
  • Killed by Zahra in his lair.

Thanks to @_deltarhythm for this art piece!


  • Rakshasa
  • Ran the Velvet Cabaret in Vasselheim as a dwarf named Hozien.
  • Responsible for several disappearances and murders within the city, including a wealthy merchant from Ank’harel named Lord Tyrell.
  • Lived within the catacombs beneath the city.
  • Serves Dispater, the Iron Duke of Dis
  • Target of a contract from the Slayer’s Take.
  • Threatened his attackers’ families before attempting to escape via some sort of teleportation spell. Escape halted by Tiberius with a Counterspell.
  • Killed by Vax'ildan.
  • Reappeared in Whitestone three months later disguised as Shaun Gilmore with several Clasp assassins in tow.
    • Lured Vax'ildan from his room before attempting to kill him.
    • Assassins went after Pike, Keyleth, Shaun Gilmore, Kima of Vord and/or Allura Vysoren, Percy, and Kashaw Vesh first.
  • Killed for a second time by Pike.
  • Destroyed permanently in the Mentiri Prison of the City of Dis by Grog.