Villains Gallery: Whitestone

We had an anonymous critter request a while back for us to create a list of villains and information about their intentions and deeds. There have been a lot of big bads over the course of 99 episodes, so many that we can't do them justice in one post. We're breaking them up by story arc, continuing with the Whitestone arc villains.


Lord Riskel Daxio

  • Elven fighter
  • Member of the Cult of Vecna
  • Acted as a spy for the Briarwoods within the Council of Emon.
  • Attempted to flee Emon after VM’s return from Whitestone with the Clasp’s help.
  • Executed by Grog after capture by VM and sentencing by Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei II.

Countess Jazna Graben

  • Half-orc ranger
  • One of the “new lords” brought to the city by the Briarwoods.
  • Seen patrolling the woods near Whitestone as Vox Machina approached the city.
  • Executed by Grog after capture during the rebellion and refusal to help rebuild the city of Whitestone.

Thanks to @sootttea for the art piece!


Sir Kerrion Stonefell

  • Human fighter
  • Originally served the de Rolo family before betraying them during the Briarwoods’ coup.
  • Killed by Percy in his own home.


Duke Goran Vedmeyer

  • Goliath fighter
  • One of the “new lords” brought to the city by the Briarwoods
  • House burned down by Scanlan, captured and set to help rebuild the city of Whitestone after the rebellion.
  • Chose to serve the city instead of being executed for his crimes.
  • Current Location: Most likely Whitestone

Count Tylieri

Thanks to @kendrawcandraw for the art piece!

Doctor Anna Ripley

  • Human fighter/wizard
  • Served the Briarwoods
  • Tortured Percy after the Briarwood’s coup before his escape
  • Attacked by Percy while she was on a research trip away from Whitestone and became fascinated by The List.
    • Constructed her own gun after much experimentation and the loss of her own hand.
    • This gun was later dubbed Retort after it was confiscated by Percy.
    • Was also used to spy on VM for months after her escape from Whitestone.
  • Assisted in construction of ziggurat underneath Whitestone.
    • Developed a powerful acid used to generate the whitestone residuum.
  • Was imprisoned by the Briarwoods when she tried to leave Whitestone.
  • Released from prison by VM, who then took custody of her.
  • Escaped while VM was distracted killing Professor Anders.
  • Traveled to Vasselheim where she purchased a lot of black powder from Viktor.
  • Gained the allegiance of the vengeance demon Orthax and built Animus, her version of The List.
  • Found Kynan Leore and took him under her wing, turning him against Vax'ildan and VM.
  • Learned of the Vestiges of Divergence while spying on VM and traveled to Ank’harel, where she murdered the owner of Cabal’s Ruin, Mistress Asharru.
  • Traveled to the Isle of Glintshore to find Whisper, giving it to Kynan Leore and setting a trap for VM
    • Killed Percy before attempting to escape.
  • Escape halted by Scanlan with an Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, killed by the living members of VM (except Pike).

Professor Anders

  • Human bard
  • Was originally Percy’s tutor, betrayed the de Rolo family during the Briarwoods’ coup.
  • Member of the Cult of Vecna.
  • Tricked VM into trusting Cassandra de Rolo by “slitting her throat.”
  • All injuries were an illusion, and Cassandra was unharmed.
  • Killed by Percy in his study in Castle Whitestone.

Thanks to @WendyDoodles for this art piece!

Lord Sylas Briarwood and Lady Delilah Briarwood

  • Vampire fighter and human arcane caster (Necromancy)
  • Staged a coup on Whitestone, slaying most of the ruling de Rolo family.
  • Members of the Cult of Vecna.
  • Delilah attempted a ritual within the ziggurat beneath Whitestone.
    • Ritual partially failed because it was attempted too early (a week before Winter’s Crest).
    • Did succeed in generating a siphon to the Shadowfell.
  • Sylas reduced to mist form by Percy before being destroyed by Keyleth.
  • Delilah knocked unconscious by Percy after attempting the ritual, later killed by Cassandra de Rolo.

Thanks to @alienfirst for the art piece!


  • Vengeance demon
  • Came to Percy de Rolo in a dream and made a deal with him for vengeance against those who killed his family and took his home.
    • Taught him how to make his first gun.
    • Possessed him, taking the souls on The List after they were killed.
  • Added Cassandra de Rolo’s name to The List when she betrayed VM.
  • Fully manifested when Percy refused to kill Delilah Briarwood and Cassandra de Rolo.
  • Form destroyed by Grog and Trinket.
  • Banished to the Abyss when Scanlan threw The List into acid, destroying it.
  • Reappeared with Doctor Anna Ripley on the Isle of Glintshore.
  • Form destroyed by Keyleth.
  • Took Percy’s soul after his death at the hands of Doctor Anna Ripley.
  • Banished to the Abyss by Keyleth’s Greater Restoration on Animus.
  • Current location: Unknown, likely the Abyss.
  • Current motivations: Unknown, likely vengeance against Percy and VM.