Media References and Puns of Episode 104: Elysium

So, you guys think JCVD could take down Vecna?

Media References

  • (0:00:01) Sam: Are we in sync? Matt: Hopefully. Travis: Bye bye bye! (“Bye Bye Bye” by *NSync)
  • (0:00:29) Sam: A rare five star Spider-Man has arrived in Marvel PuzzleQuest just in time for Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • (0:00:39) Sam: ...featuring The Sinister Six, face the Vulture, or recruit him as a supervillain for your team.
  • (0:01:00) Sam: ...and which is the name of an actual movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • (0:01:07) Sam: Hitman!  [...] Brawler! [...] Timecop! [...] Century Fighter. [...] Kickboxer! [..] Bloodsport! [...] Cyborg. [...] Defender. [...] The Expendables! Double Impact! JCVD! [...] Killing Machine. That’s a trick, it’s a Dolph Lundgren film.
  • (0:06:41) Taliesin: From old school stuff, like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, to Titans Tower.
  • (0:07:35) Liam: Ash and I are Skyping in from the USCSS Nostromo, which is a Weyland-Yutani vessel, and if we fart out, it’s because we’ve been eaten by xenomorphs. (Alien)
  • (0:29:34) Liam: Is this like party hopping at Comic Con?
  • (0:34:43) Ashley: *singing* I’m a believer! (“I’m a Believer” by The Monkees)
  • (1:07:53) Taliesin: it’s going to be like the Wonka factory. It’s gonna turn on you.  Matt: You stole fizzy lifting drinks…  Matt and Taliesin: You get nothing! Good day! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • (1:15:32) Ashley: Don’t eat it. Just in case. Just in cases. (Love Actually)
  • (1:16:06) Liam: It is people!  Marisha and Ashley: People! (Soylent Green)
  • (1:17:32) Matt: It’s very Spirited Away in a strange way.
  • (2:04:26) Liam: *singing* Just you wait! (“Alexander Hamilton” from Hamilton)
  • (2:05:15) Liam: Benny Hill music commences.
  • (2:06:10) Matt: ...almost Escher-esque in some of the interior construction.
  • (2:12:18) Sam: Look how far we’ve come, guys!  Travis: *singing* Look at where we started! (“That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton)
  • (2:35:49) Laura: I’m gonna spin and try to slam into the wall and knock him into the stone, you know, like in Princess Bride.
  • (2:58:20) Marisha: Champions over here. Sam: We are the champions! (“We Are The Champions” by Queen)
  • (2:59:30) Liam: [You guys on Twitch] is the weirdest amalgamation of Baldur’s Gate and Sega’s full-motion video game from 1995, Night Trap...


  • (0:24:05) Sam: As always, I’ll enjoy the rear.
  • (1:19:52) Marisha: I wonder if we believe harder, if we’ll get there quicker. Taliesin: I don’t believe that’ll work.
  • (1:32:10) Taliesin: What a beautiful tree you’ve found. It casts so much shade.
  • (2:04:16) Matt: There’s no shadow or shade.  Marisha: I beg to differ.  Matt: The outside’s a different story.
  • (2:37:23) Laura: I’m gonna just dash. I’m gonna … just f*** him, and dash. Marisha: F*** him and dash. Never calling him back. Liam: F*** him in the dash.