Media References and Puns of Episode 103: The Fate-Touched

They're Vox Machina!
But they need help, too!
'Cause saving Exandria's the thing to do.
Necromancing and destroying is not the way,
Hear what Matthew Mercer has to say:
How do you want to do this?

Media References

  • (0:01:30) Laura: *singing* One! (“One Day More” from Les Miserables)
  • (0:01:32) Marisha: Tell yo kids! Tell yo wife! (Bed Intruder)
  • (0:02:10) Liam: Will you also, someday, have a Pog episode?
  • (0:02:49) Taliesin: We’re confirmed with Jim Lee X-Men Series One […] Superman vs. Doomsday cards.  Matt: Marvel Masterpiece? [...] Taliesin: Some [Jack] Kirby cards, some classic Avengers cards. [...] Marvel Universe Series 1 of 3 is what we’re really working on.
  • (0:20:55) Taliesin: (whispered to Sam) Head Like a Hole. (Nine Inch Nails)
  • (0:23:37) Matt: We’re going to Event Horizon, here.
  • (0:43:49) Travis: Doe? A deer?  A female deer? (“Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music)
  • (1:09:47) Sam: It’s Powder, from the movie Powder.
  • (1:15:21) Travis: That’s Armstrong sleep slow (Lance Armstrong)
  • (1:32:26) Travis: Thank you, new Vax.  Liam: Much better than the old Vax. (“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who)
  • (1:35:34) Marisha: It’s like the Terminator.
  • (1:36:47) Travis: Free Willy!
  • (1:37:18) Travis, Sam, and Matt: That’s so raven!
  • (2:07:20) Marisha: Do we each get different suits? Matching suits but in different colors. Maybe rings that we all combine.  Laura: Like Captain Planet? [...] When your powers combine.
  • (2:08:00) Ashley and Travis: *singing* Moonweaver! (“Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright)
  • (2:09:50) Ashley: *singing* Godtage!  Sam: We need a godtage! (Team America: World Police)
  • (2:17:38) Liam: What your Vecna, Victor? (Airplane!)
  • (2:37:53) Ashley: Do remember the movie Contact?
  • (2:39:43) Travis: *singing* Home, home on the plane! (Home on the Range)
  • (2:55:03) Sam: Gerald...Butler? (Gerard Butler)
  • (3:23:10) Liam: Started in Stillben and now we here! (“Started From the Bottom” by Drake) NSFW
  • (3:23:21) Travis: Look how far I’ve come! (“Immigrants (We Get the Job Done))” from the Hamilton Mixtape)
  • (3:24:20) Marisha: *singing* Gotta kill ‘em all! (Pokemon)
  • (3:25:22) Matt: I’ll be at AX for the Persona panel tomorrow.
  • (3:25:51) Liam: *singing* One day more! Sam: *singing* One day more!


  • (0:31:46) Grog: It’s an eyeball, it doesn’t have ears.
  • (0:42:51) Ashley: No, Scanlan, it makes me nervous! I just want to keep our… eyes on it.
  • (0:43:04) Scanlan: Should we give it to me? Who says aye?
  • (1:57:24) Matt: You put your equipment and armor back on.  Travis: And your other equipment away.
  • (2:09:42) Ashley: Work our way through the montage.  Taliesin: Godtage.
  • (2:58:10) Sam: All I know is he came over and fingered you!