A Tribute to Taryon Darrington

With the parting of ways that took place in Episode 101, we look back at some of our favorite moments involving the artificer.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission.

  • Tary meets Vox Machina (Ep85, 2:56:26)
  • Tary’s List of Adventures (Ep86, 0:48:18)
  • Potential book titles (Ep86, 0:51:40)
  • Taryon gets real with VM (Ep86, 2:07:13)
  • Keyleth’s eyes make Taryon feel ashamed (Ep86, 2:17:17)
  • Taryon gets his first kill (Ep87, 1:42:10)
  • The flashcards (Ep89, 2:21:38)
  • Grog and Tary buy from the potion merchant in Vasselheim (Ep90, 2:18:07)
  • Tary kills a succubus (Ep92, 3:16:59)
  • Tary uses a Scroll of Programmed Illusion to buy VM time to get to Hotis (Ep93, 3:50:01)
  • VM’s friendship is worth about 210,000 gold, which is a relatively large amount of money, even to Tary (Ep94, 0:27:30)
  • Tary confirms that women definitely aren’t for him (Ep94, 2:30:30)
  • Tary and Grog attempt to build sandcastles (Ep95, 1:23:33)
  • Tary sics two mastiffs on Percy and Vex’s room (Ep95, 1:32:43)
  • Tary tries to get the Whitestone kitchen to serve the Trickfoots the fanciest of meals (Ep95, 3:20:00)
  • “I am, literally, the least hard man to find.” (Ep97, 3:32:48)
  • Tary encases himself with a Bead of Force (Level 17 Battle Royale, 0:20:14)
  • Tary wins the Battle Royale (Level 17 Battle Royale, 3:38:17)
  • Tary tells the Darringtons about his plan for their future (Ep99, 0:50:15)
  • Tary kills the War Priest (Ep100, 5:03:51)
  • Scanlan and Tary have a conversation about Lionel (Ep101, 0:52:34)
  • Tary and Vex say their goodbyes (Ep101, 2:16:47)
  • What Tary’s doing while Vox Machina fights Vecna (Ep102, 3:53:43)