Taryon's Nicknames for Vox Machina

Friends may call him Tary, but Taryon Darrington calls his friends quite a variety of nicknames. As a note, we only counted the first time he used a particular nickname.

85 A Bard’s Lament

  • (3:04:31) To Vex: You, little elf girl, what’s your name?
  • (3:15:16) To Grog: Hey, big man, look at this.

86 Daring Days

  • (0:33:04) To Grog: Friends call me Tary, Jumbo!
  • (0:44:32) To Vax: No, you misheard me, Little Elf Boy.
  • (0:46:21) About Keyleth: Is Antlers ok over here?
  • (0:54:36) To Vex: I’m sorry Little--
  • (1:27:00) To Percy: Uh, Four Eyes, shall I trust Jumbo here?
  • (3:42:36) To Vax: I am eager to get my adventuring on, L.E.B.

87 Onward to Vesrah

  • (0:23:45) About Keyleth: The Redhead continues to propel us forward faster and faster, to everyone’s surprise and respect, including the captain.

88 Tangled Depths

  • (0:31:34) About Percy: While The Gunslinger was rendered useless...
  • (0:47:23) About Grog: The big fellow over there said that...
  • (1:15:01) To Grog: And, Bigly Man Over There, do you want a coin…
  • (3:45:06) To Trinket: Oh, Friendly Bear! [...] Never mind, Friendly Bear! Thanks to a critter for this one!

89 Curious Tides

  • (1:43:20) About Pike: Not Short Stuff…
  • (2:30:32) To Pike: Daughter of Sarenrae
  • (2:33:19) To Pike: And I will keep your friends safe. Your friends: Greg, Vox, Vox, Kiko…

91 Vox Machina Go to Hell

  • (3:44:47) About Vox Machina: Rocks Dockina

95 One Year Later…

  • (3:21:47) To Vex: Little E.G.