Big Push for CRTranscript!

We’re unabashedly big fans of the work that CRTranscript is doing to ensure that all the episodes of Critical Role are transcribed and have closed captions. We counted how many five-minute blocks remain before the show’s backlog is completely transcribed, and came up with 500. We just crossed 19,000 Twitter followers (thank you, Critters!), and have over 9,000 Tumblr followers (thank you, Critters!). If we assume that about 4,500 of those are people who follow us on both platforms, that’s 23,500 of you!

That means if just one-fortyseventh of you sign up and transcribe a 5-minute block, we can get the whole backlog completely transcribed. Even if you’ve never done it before, give it a try! They have a very clear directions document linked at the top of each transcription document. If you have other questions, they’d be happy to answer. (We at CRStats have also done our fair share of transcribing, so you can also ask us.) Start with Scaldseat and The Endless Atheneeum, and as those fill up, move onto the rest of the backlog.

Incomplete, with sections unclaimed:

Incomplete, but all sections claimed: