Transcript Update

On Saturday, we posted that we think, through the combined powers of Critters, we can clear through all of CRTranscript’s backlog to get Critical Role transcribed and captioned. Since then, we’ve seen a number of new transcribers claiming blocks and giving it a try. What started as around 500 empty five-minute blocks has been whittled down to 391! Critters are amazing.

Incomplete, with sections unclaimed:

If you haven’t given transcribing a try yet, this is a great time to start. In addition to CRT’s directions document that’s linked at the top of every transcription doc, here are some of our tips for making transcribing fun and easy:

  1. Pick a section you enjoy, or have been wanting to rewatch!
  2. Use the YouTube link at the top of the episode’s document.
  3. Using the gear icon on the video, turn the speed down to 0.5x.
  4. Use player’s names (not character names) in all caps when they start talking.
  5. You’re only transcribing spoken words, so don’t worry about writing down any motions or looks.
  6. The only times you use “quotation marks” are when Matt speaks as an NPC or someone quotes someone else.
  7. Don’t agonize over trying to type every um, uh, kind of, or stutter. Those will get cut anyway!
  8. Only transcribe the main conversation, not side chatter. Trying to transcribe crosstalk takes forever!
  9. Need to provide emphasis? Use *asterisks* rather than ALL CAPS or italics.
  10. Have a sound effect? Use something like (lightning crash) rather than (ffsshh).
  11. Can’t hear a word/phrase? Use [JENGA 0:00:00] (with the right timestamp) in the doc and an editor will clear it.
  12. CRT-specific spelling preferences: All right, okay, because, going to, got to, want to. One-ten, 11+
  13. Use a double-dash-- for when someone trails off or gets interrupted instead of dots of ellipses…
  14. All done? Go back and relisten to your section at regular speed, fix any spelling/grammar mistakes
  15. Mark your section as complete. Smile, knowing that you just helped make Critical Role accessible to even more Critters!
Thanks to  Critical Role Source  for this gif!

Thanks to Critical Role Source for this gif!